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I would say that your comment places you in league with the best who write here.

That said, I don't think Bainbridge is abandoning the President. Nor am I for that matter. But the way things are going now (not so much with the insurgency but more with the political situation) Iraq could degenerate into all out civil war that would destroy the government and put us back to square one.

Worse, Iraq could become a Shia theocracy like its next door neighbor. Either way, we lose.

As for being more agressive, that's just not in the cards. We've hitched our wagon to Iraqi defense forces and are presently paying the price for shortsightedness in disbanding the Iraqi military in the immediate aftermath of the war. That said, there are some who are calling for more troops. This may be the only way to really pacify Iraq enough so that the new government gets a head start in gaining legitimacy.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 21.08.2005 @ 10:05


I can't take credit for chickendove. That honor goes to I believe Dean Esmay or maybe Austin Bay. When I googled the term they both had the term on their blogs.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 23.08.2005 @ 20:36

We're doomed! Doomed I say!

What. A. Crock.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 21.08.2005 @ 15:21


That's exactly what I'm saying. Why should Rush care when he's got 22 million weekly listeners?

Get some perspective ... and clean up your comments or I'll delete them.

As far as "effete malarkey" ... and "not cutting it any more" ...

My readership has tripled in the past 2 months...And they can't all be right wingers. Some, like you, have obviously escaped from mental institutions or gone off their meds.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 20.08.2005 @ 10:34

A better question would be: "Will left wing loons like you ever spew anything but bull?"

The figures you cite are for the twin cities only. What? Did you think I wouldn't look? Are you being dishonest out of habit or are you just stupid and didn't read the article?

I don't think either of those gentlemen are losing sleep over a drop in audience in what is probably, next to Seattle, the most liberal city in America.

Next time you make a silly, ignorant comment at least have the smarts to not be dishonest about it.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 20.08.2005 @ 10:11



I hope you're joking.

Wilson is a front man for a group of CIA employees - current and former - who are ideologically opposed to the Administration's foreign policy goals. He's got plenty of protection from that part of the establishment that George Bush is fighting.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 17.08.2005 @ 07:40


Oh yeah.let’s blame everything that’s unpopular about Iraq on Rumsfeld and fire him.

Huh? Where did I say that? If anything I blame Bush...and you, like Jimmy Carter, blame the American people.

BTW...Who recently tried to turn the "War on Terror" into the "Struggle Against Violent Extremism?"

Who has been floating trial balloons about bringing home the troops regardless of the situation on the ground (timetable?).

Who was the top ranking civilian in charge when torture allegations came to light?

No more excuses. Rummy's got to go not because the left says so but because 1)he's not on the same page as the President; and 2)he's a lightening rod.

As for confirmation, a war hawk Democrat would checkmate the Dems on Armed Services.

As for nuking Arabia...only if we want a quick way to Armageddon. I daresay the Soviets wouldn't stand idly by while a cloud of radioactivity wafted over their territory.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 16.08.2005 @ 03:48



You're comment was deleted for obvious reasons.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 14.08.2005 @ 16:15


I don't argue the dangers of alcohol vs. marijuana. I say both are equally dangerous to one's health when used in excess.

And I agree about who I'd rather be around.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 11.08.2005 @ 10:41

OK, but if marijuana is bad and therefore should be illegal, why not make alcohol illegal, since it’s clearly worse?

I say in the article that marijuana should be decriminalized. And alccohol is not "clearly worse." Please read the post.

See Dubya has a good take on why it would be wrong to legalize other street drugs:

You can't ban it all, of coursse, nor do we really want to. We can pick and choose among addictive substances--coffee and tobacco and liquor we'll allow, ritalin and percodan we'll allow for medical use but regulate pretty tightly, pot and heroin and meth, nope. Wouldn't-be-prudent. Not worth it. We'll tolerate a little drunkenness and alcoholism, a little edginess from caffeine, lung cancer and stained teeth from tobacco, but not the burned-out stoner or the psychotic meth nut. Just like the sun roof, that's the package of costs we're willing to incur and enforce. But just because we're willing to tolerate that much addiction, hallucination, and drug-induced unreasonableness , doesn't mean that we ought to tolerate more.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 11.08.2005 @ 03:59

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