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Elfman's Batman was interesting but nothing he's done that I'm aware of approaches the work of any of the others.

Of course he's relatively young. Give him a few years and he may surprise us.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 15.12.2005 @ 16:25



Hee! Actually, the hype and hysteria on both sides of this debate has been entertaining as hell. Can't wait until I get my ads up - watch the first post I write. It will go something like...

Today's news out of Iraq (buy, buy, buy) focuses on the President's speech he gave last night (click the adlink, click the adlink) in which he defended his war policies (spend, spend, spend) against the charges of Democrats...

But Hey! Who says my content is going to change when I get those ads? Don't anyone tell me I'm a blogwhore or nothin'!

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 11.12.2005 @ 12:33

Is that what all this is about? Money for blogging?

If that's the problem, why didn't Elmo just come out and say it. I would hope that anyone who reads this site knows that any company - including PJM - who tried to tell me what to write or how to write or what subject to write about would, at the earliest opportunity, be a featured post on my blog. And I would give them the most royal reaming possible, making some of my Krugman fiskings seem tame by comparison.

The idea that a couple of hundred bucks is going to influence me one iota is - well, it's laughable. Writers who seek to make a living - especially political writers - are much more interested in reaching people than in getting paid for it.

I have turned down several other ad opportunities in the past - mostly because I thought they would clutter up the site and not pay well to boot. The PJM concept intrigues me which is why I wanted to be there at the beginning.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 10.12.2005 @ 14:56

1. Why link to someone who's dissing me?

2. I am not criticizing people who criticize them. Perhaps if you took a remedial reading course you would comprehend that I was at a loss in understanding why they were criticizing in the first place?

3. I was referring to you being unbalanced, not what you wrote.

4. What is the "passe nonsense?" Part of the problem is that you are such a poor writer, I can't understand what you're trying to say. Plesae try to write in complete sentences.

5. You may think asking why someone does something - coming down on PJM - is a criticism. I've always thought that it was curiosity.

And if you don't think my content will change, what's the beef? Do you think PJM put a hex on me and took away my ability to think for myself? Again, your incoherence makes it impossible to figure out what is your beef with these guys? And with me for that matter. I tried reading some of your other posts on PJM but gave up.

I still don't get it. A start up company in a brand new industry has problems - well duh! Before jumping down their throats, why not sit back, relax, and see where they're headed. I don't care about their website. I'm talking about the concept itself. And as that develops, I have a feeling the website will fall by the wayside.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 10.12.2005 @ 14:46



You wouldn't know "brainless goop" if it came up and bit you in your ignorant ass. The more causticaly bored you try to sound, the more you reveal yourself as sanctimonious twit.

Rall does not have a "sizable" market. He has a niche market. He fulfills a need - much like blatherers like you whose exhalation of so much carbon dioxide without ever saying anything of substance contributes to global warming - something quite welcome on this cold day here in Chicago.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 9.12.2005 @ 11:54


Well said and buttresses my point about the pre-juvenile nature of Rall's rants. It's almost as if emotional immaturity has become a disease and has afflicted the left.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 9.12.2005 @ 10:42



First, thanks for your service and the honorable service of your family in the past.

And I agree that it is almost surreal the way the Dems are talking out loud about the electoral consequences of their politics as if that were the #1 issue.

Strange indeed.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 9.12.2005 @ 10:45


Bill Knee:

We're supposed to take at face value the rantings of liberal hack Bill Reeves and a bunch of left-wing academics?

The church-state complaint is loony. The part about "improving productivity" at the expense of jobs is demonstrably false. The "unwinnable" Iraq war is being proven wrong every day.

Bush Derangement Syndrome just doesn't affect drooling idiots like you - it is especially prevalent in academia.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 7.12.2005 @ 22:10



Thanks for the information. I would like to ask that any reader who can decipher Doc's comment to please email me or leave a comment yourself. I can only write about what others are saying about this issue.

The fact that the military has spent billions in hardening their electronics makes me think that either Doc is wrong or that we have been flummoxed into wasting a lot of money.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Iranians adding a third stage to the Shahab 3? And wouldn't that give it enough to achieve a suborbital heighth of about 185 miles?

I read that in some Congressional testimony on Iranian military capabilities last spring. Similarly, the NoKo's are restaging the taep-o-dong 2 that would give it a range capable of hitting the northwest US.

Whether that will fill the bill of an EMP weapon is beside the point. The NoKo's especially are interested in building full blown ICBM's capable of hitting anyone, anywhere. I've seen estimates that they could be as close of 5 years from achieving that goal.

One more thing to worry about...

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 7.12.2005 @ 16:17


Normally, I would bow to superior knowledge but in this case, I think you're talking through your hat.

This is an issue that people have been studying for 40 years. And yes, a device would have to be detonated 300 miles above Kansas - or didn't you bother to read that?

As far as "hardened" electronics, I'm sorry but that is ludicrous. This is from a statement by Dr. Gary L. Smith, Director of Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins:

When EMP energy enters the interior of a potentially vulnerable system, it can cause a variety of adverse effects. These effects include transients, resettable or permanent upset of digital logic circuits, and performance degradation or burnout of electronic components. The collected EMP energy itself can cause malfunction or device failure directly, or it can trigger the system's internal power sources in unintended ways, causing damage by the power sources within the system itself.

In summary, EMP introduces two collectively unique features to the overall picture of system susceptibility to nuclear effects. These features, taken together, distinguish EMP from all other forms, both natural and man-made, of electrical stress and response. First, stresses induced by EMP can significantly exceed those ordinarily encountered in system circuits and components and can thereby increase the probability of upset and burnout occurring in electrical and electronic systems. Second, EMP can cause this increase to occur nearly simultaneously over a large area, about one million square kilometers for a high-altitude burst.

There are so many interesting links on this site, take your pick.

If you could offer a some counter links that debunk the EMP effect described in the article, I would consider including them in an update.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 6.12.2005 @ 19:18

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