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Twice a victim? Is your title meant to evoke sympathy? Nothing like a good dose of guilt the popular victimology way, eh?

I'm going to withhold judgment on Jill - she isn't adding up. And I'm patient enough to give her a free pass until she recovers from her detainment. We'll see what she says and does in the future.

Jill's press release was in response to people asking legitimate questions about her incredibly controversial statements. (Would she have bothered to issue the correction if there was no public pressure to do so? That's a decent question.) The reason people BELIEVED Jill's two separate videos is because those statements were consistent with some of her known personal viewpoints. It wasn't a stretch to believe her when she actually chuckled and said Bush was a liar and wanted this war. Not so unbelievable at all, considering who it was coming from.

Was everyone supposed to stand up and automatically scream, "She's lying under duress!!"? Why so when she was only reiterating what Code Pink types, Kos, DU, and our favorite Sheehag say every day?! You can imagine that THEY are not happy at her reneging on her earlier statements.

The blogosphere asked questions, and Jill's handlers knew she had to answer somehow. We'll see if her future words and actions match her press statement. There's money and notoriety to be made among the Michael Moore sycophants of the world - let's wait and see what she does when she's among personalities that so desperately want her propaganda tapes to be TRUE.

Lastly,remember she said in her statement that she didn't think her post-release interview would be seen or aired. So then it seems to me she felt she was talking in relative privacy. So why would she carry on the "charade" of praising her captors, even going so far as to describe in detail her little jaunts to the bathroom to shower - if no one was ever going to see it? That's why her claim that she "feared retribution" is a little THIN. If no one was going to see it, what was there to fear?

The questions are fair. I don't feel guilty about asking them. She's said some incredibly offensive and incediary things. The FACT that they match some of her previously known beliefs is what makes them so believable. Yet, I'm willing to allow that she was under incredible duress.

We'll see, we'll see...time will tell...and so will the movie they'll surely make about it all. I can so hardly wait.

Comment Posted By Redhead Infidel On 2.04.2006 @ 18:46




Comment Posted By Redhead Infidel On 17.01.2006 @ 16:56

I'm blogging this too, and as thrilled as I am with the dombshell start of Season 5, I'm a little fed up with the females on this show. Now that Michelle is dead...and with the addition of a two new weepy females - one with humungous hair, and the other one loony but with a bosom that the weasly President totally doesn't deserve...and the impending doom of Kim's inevitably whiny appearance (undoubtedly bitching about how she thought her dad was dead for 18 months)...Chloe is gonna have to hold it up for all tough chicks everywhere. She's already got a partial body count - yay Chloe!

And I concur, Jack with a gun is better than a skinny Jack making like Zoolander.

Comment Posted By Redhead Infidel On 17.01.2006 @ 16:56

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