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Oh, and for those of you freaking out about Obama wearing a traditional costume when visiting another culture, I give you this.

Comment Posted By RedKitten On 25.02.2008 @ 10:22

imho, if there is this so much doubt about his playmates then he should be discounted for any serious office and let a real american step ahead. at least a person that will proudly sing our national athem and put his hand on his heart during the pledge and also wear our proud american flag pin.

Like these guys? Are these the types of real Americans who you would prefer to have in office. Rick's right -- you guys are so desperate to paint him as some sort of Muslim Manchurian candidate that you're ignoring your own inconsistencies.

And Paul Ramsey? You said that Obama was uncomfortable with conventional displays of patriotism. No wonder, when those conventional displays have been co-opted by Bush's scoundrels. You said he's uncomfortable with the war in Iraq. So is the majority of the rest of the country. You said he's uncomfortable with Gitmo and Abu Graib. So is the majority of the rest of the country -- and "uncomfortable" is putting it lightly. You said he's uncomfortable with FISA -- considering how utterly NON-transparent Bush has been with it, and considering the utter disregard he's shown for the rule of law, it's no wonder Obama's uncomfortable with FISA -- so are a lot of people. And as for support for Israel -- there are a lot of people right now who think that America has done itself and Israel a disservice with this blind, unquestioning support, and that we need to start treating Israel like our other allies -- supportive, but not afraid to disagree with them or disapprove of some of their policies.

Frankly, if you have a negative opinion of Obama because he's uncomfortable with that aforementioned list, then you must also have a pretty negative opinion of the majority of your fellow Americans.

Comment Posted By RedKitten On 25.02.2008 @ 10:19

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