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For someone who was in the Intelligence comunnity, Larry Johnson always seems to be
rather hyperbolic and slightly unhinged. It would seem to me that an intelligence operative
would be sober and circumspect. If he is indicative of those who serve in the IC then
we know why the IC produces very little reliable intelligence.

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 30.05.2007 @ 13:37


This ruling is unconstitutional? For all intents and purposes, the Supreme
Court has entered into a treaty with a foreign, non-governmental entity.
The constitution expressly gives this authority to the President and congress.
Also this sets up a constitutional crisis because congress
passed the Detainee Treatment act which expressly
said that no court, justice or judge shall have jurisdiction to hear or consider

`(1) an application for a writ of habeas corpus filed by or on behalf of an alien detained by the Department of Defense at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; or

`(2) any other action against the United States or its agents relating to any aspect of the detention by the Department of Defense of an alien at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who--

`(A) is currently in military custody; or

`(B) has been determined by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in accordance with the procedures set forth in section 1005(e) of the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 to have been properly detained as an enemy combatant.'

I believe the president should follow the actions of Andrew Jackson and tell
Justice Stevens to stick it were the sun don’t shine.

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 29.06.2006 @ 14:43


Global Warming being caused by man is a myth, built on distortions, built on junk
science. In the 70’s the big idea was global cooling, it was going to bring on a new ice age, it didn’t happen so the super-genius climate scientists needed to save face and scare up a new theory to fund new research, so they invented global warming. The climate of the earth is controlled by one thing and one thing only, and the bitches name is Mother Nature, period, dot, bingo!!!

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 27.05.2006 @ 09:00


There can be no middle ground this time because we have had so many, so-called, "immigration reforms," that have just led to more illegal immigration. In 65' it led to the amnesty of about 2 million. In 86' it led to the amnesty of 5 million. In 96' we amnestied a few million more. Everytime we were told, that after the amnesty we would crack down and get serious about border security and illegal immigration, nothing of the sort happened the problem was allowed to grow. So now people are asking, if you weren't enforcing the previous laws, why should we believe you will enforce the new laws. And you can tell the congress is selling us smoke and mirrors because they voted down an amendment that would have required us to secure the borders and enforce immigration laws before we should even consider amnesty and a guest worker program. As the WHO said, we won't be fooled again!!!

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 17.05.2006 @ 11:38



What on earth are you talking about. Bush didn't even consult the governors of the particular states he was going to draw the NG from. Shwatzenegger is against it, Napolitano is against and Richardson is against it, I haven't heard any comments from the Gov. of Texas. Bush can't just randomly take guards from other states and put them in Cali, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and he needs the consent of the Governors of those states to deploy the troops. And again he's only now after 5 1/2 years realizing their is a problem on the border. Also to the larger point, he has had authorization to hire 10,000 new border patrol agents and has only funded an additional 210 new border agents.

And sure people come here to work, it's not America's fault that Mexico and most of Latin America is a swirling cesspool of misery. People come here to work, they also commit crimes. It is estimated that illegal aliens make up
1/3 of the US prison population, in LA county,a full 85% of oustanding warrents for rape, robbery and murder are for illegal aliens. Also the stresses they have put on our educational system, medical sytem and penal system in some states is rising to the breaking point. Illegal immigrants also depress wages for the American worker. The University of Maryland did a study of how illegal immigrants depress wages; In Wisconsin in the early 80's the average meat-packer earned $18 dollars an hour with benefits and the breakdown of the workforce was overwhelmingly native born whites and blacks, flash foward to today, and the average wage is $9 dollars an hour with very little benefits. And it wasn't that Americans no longer wanted to do the jobs, it was because of the availability of cheap immigrant labor that supplanted the more expensive Native born labor force. The over-arching point is this, we have had many so-called immigration reforms since 1965 with the promise that we would start enforcing immigration laws, no such thing occured. We are now contemplating creating new laws that congress and the President have no intention of enforcing. They haven't enforced the old laws why should we believe they will enforce the new laws. And this is the reason that base is up in arms, as the Who rightly said, we won't be fooled again!!!

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 16.05.2006 @ 17:22

First of all Bush is out-and-out lying about the guard going to the border, it's not going to happen, it was a bone thrown to appease the outraged right. As for adding new border guards, the National Intelligence Reform Act included
the requirement to add 10,000 border patrol agents in the five years beginning with 2006, but Bush only allowed funding for 210 new border agents, yes you read that right 210 new agents. He does not want the border secure, he has waited 51/2 years and only now does he realize our border is out of control. And then he says deporting the 11 million to 20 million illegal aliens already here is simply impossible, but then brags in his address that we have deported 6 million illegal aliens in just the last five years. Why is 6 million possible and praiseworthy, but 11 million is a ludicrous impossibility?

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 16.05.2006 @ 15:06


Also to those who are in favor of a guest worker program, you should have to answer the following questions.

1) What agency or agencies will be administering the guest worker program?
I assume it will be INS but INS is currently doing a horrific job enforcing
current laws and regulations. So it will need an enormous infusion of
funds or the creation of a new bureaucracy.

2) Is the guest worker program open for illegals already in country or for
new wokers not currently in country? Is this guest worker plan open to
every country in the world or is this strictly limited to south american

3) How will illegal immigrants take part in the guest worker program?
Will they be able to apply in-country or will they have to go to their
home country and apply?

4) Who will be able to apply, single men, men and woman, married
couples with children? What happens if the guest worker gets
pregnant and has a child or a guest worker fathers a child in-country?

5) What industries will be able to use guest workers?

6) How will employers place orders for guest workers?

7) I have heard proposals for up-to 1.5 million guest workers, once the
number has been set, will it be hard or soft cap?

8) What sort of non-forgeable documentation will be given to the guest worker?
Will the documentation list their country of origin, place of residence, and guest
worker occupation?
If a guest worker is fired or his job eliminated, will he have to leave the country
or will he be able to pursue a new guest worker occupation?

9) How will we keep track of the guest workers and make sure employers use
authorized guest workers only?

10) How long will a guest worker be allowed to participate in the program
before he must return to his home country?

11) Will they be allowed to pursue permanent status in-country or will they
have to return to their home country and apply?

12) What sort of boarder enforcement will be implemented?
We can’t have a guest worker program and still have hundreds
of thousands of illegals streaming across the boarder.

Please feel free to add to the question list.

We are at a tipping point in our society. Our sovreignty is being challenged by a third world country. The Mexican government is for all-intents-and-purposes controlling our immigration policy. When I hear these politicians they seem to be more concerned with the rights of the illegals than the rights and wishes of the American people, and it disgusts me.

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 15.05.2006 @ 13:48

As I have said before, this whole immigration reform debate is utter nonsense. The politicians have no desire to secure the border, if they did it would have been secure. We have had many so-called immigration reforms and all it has done is make things worse. The Mexican government is for all-intents-and-purposes, in control of our immigration policy. A descion has been made at every level of our state, local and federal governments that the United States should become a Northern province of Mexico, there can simply be no denying that fact. We don’t secure our
borders, we have sancutary laws in many big cities, we do very little interior enforcement, etc. We have bi-lingual education in schools, we print official documents in spanish, when you call most comapnies you have to press one to continue in english, etc.. we are not assimilating them they are assimilating us.
And some of the provisions for guest worker programs call for up-to 1.5 million workers per year!! Why exactly is it in the overall best interest for the United States to import desperatly poor, poorly educated low skilled labor? I will tell you why, big labor and the corporations want it, and by god, the politicians are going to deliver. So while the corporations bottom line swells, the ordinary taxpayer is left holding the bag for the illegals, educational needs, their medical
needs and their incarceration needs. Don’t be fooled by the words of President Bush, he is more concerned for the well-being of the Mexican people than he is for
the American people.

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 15.05.2006 @ 13:36


I have to say, I have to hand it to Senor Fox, he has effectively removed his country from the whole debate of illegal immigration. We are arguing about what to do about his surplus population and contemplating implementing a program that will take millions more off of his hands, well done Mr. Fox, well done.

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 3.05.2006 @ 11:45


Mr. Moran:

The current situation benifits the Mexican government immensely and they fight vigorously
any attempt we make to alter our immigration policy or take action to curtail illeagal immigration. Vicente Fox calls the minute men vigilanttes, soon after, President Bush is calling them vigilantes. A sheriff in Maryland
tries a unique approach to handle the illeagals in his state he arrests an illeagal
alien for trespass, the Mexican government funds his defense and the case is dismissed
because the judge refused to see this as a trespass offense. The Mexican government dispenses matricula-conselor ID cards to illeagals and has lobbied sucessfully for their adoption as valid ID for getting drivers
licenses, opening bank accounts and obtaining
mortgages. In some districts in California and
elsewhere illeagals can vote in school elections and other local elections. In some states illeagal immigrants have been given in-state tuition for entrance into college, something that is not allowed for American citizens that don't live in-state. I could go on and on, so could you please explain to me how the Mexican governments desire and success in pushing it's surplus population north, is not a controlling action on our immigration policy.
the Mexican govern

Comment Posted By Radical Centrist On 28.03.2006 @ 07:22

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