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Umm...I'm just wondering. When are those Iraqis going to stand up so we can stand down?

Is it happening yet? After all, we are in year five here and it seems like a few of them should be ready to stand up. American soldiers would have been trained, served three tours in Iraq and been discharged in five years. Like I said, I'm just wondering.

Comment Posted By Pug On 20.04.2007 @ 13:57


It seems to me that George W. Bush and the Republicans have a problem here. The bill passed by the Democrats is exactly what the public favors, funding for the troops and a resolution to get our troops out of Iraq soon. In conference, the dates will probably be made non-binding, as in the House version, but this isn't a winner for Bush as the public strongly supports a timeline for withdrawal.

I understand Republicans are dying to pin the "they de-funded troops in the field" label on the unpatriotic Dems, but that is not what the Democrats did and the whole Republican political strategy seems to be backfiring badly. If the bill isn't exactly what W wants, I don't think the public has a problem with that. This is looking like another major miscalculation by Bush and Co.

Comment Posted By Pug On 28.03.2007 @ 08:06


But there is no anti-war groundswell.

Ah, but there is Mr. Moran. It was reflected at the ballot box in November, very unlike the Vietnam Era. There will be another groundswell in November of 2008 if things continue as they are, and the Republicans will again be the victims.

During Vietnam, when the people spoke, they spoke in favor of the war. Not this time, and no politically ginned up "surge" will stop another groundswell.

Those 19 and 20 year olds of 1971 won't take to the streets, but they will show up at the ballot box in huge numbers until the Republicans in White House and Congress either get the message or they are gone.

Comment Posted By Pug On 28.01.2007 @ 08:29


It was the American people who put the Democrats in power in Congress on Tuesday. So, logically, I guess that means they are sympathetic to the terrorists, no?

Of course, G.W. Bush had no influence on the terrorists perception of the election when he said, "If Democrats win, the terrorists win". Hell, our own president told them they were the big winners.

Comment Posted By Pug On 12.11.2006 @ 02:05


So let me get this straight: in your world all people who make important decisions that turn out to be incorrect, but which are based on bum information that was provided to them by credentialed world-class experts, are “liars.”

In my world, which is the business world, "incorrect" decisions with disasterous consequences, whatever they are based on, will get you fired. That's just the way it is.

Comment Posted By Pug On 15.11.2005 @ 08:42

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