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Interesting that you criticize the "neo right" for failing to understand the difference between issues and principles -- then approvingly cite David Frum lambasting a document purporting to state principles on the grounds that it does not address issues.

Make up your mind, willya?

Comment Posted By Plumb Bob On 18.02.2010 @ 15:34


I have written a rebuttal to this article and published it here:

With all due respect to Rick Moran, whom I believe to be a fine man and a solid conservative, I think rather than disconnecting from reality, the conservative movement is finally awakening to the harsh reality that we have ignored for a full century: that American liberty and the progressive movement are utterly incompatible, and that to accept any part of the progressive claim that governments exist to solve social problems is to accept all parts of it, to our destruction.

Come visit and comment.

Comment Posted By Plumb Bob On 13.01.2010 @ 21:00


Rick -- while I sympathize with your frustration and feel it often myself, and while it's important to persist in rebutting the repetitive lies, it's not just Greenwald who assumes the things he's writing, it's the entire Democratic party. They truly do believe that Republicans are bigots, and that we speak to each other in code. It's the only way they can protect their shallow world-view and their snobbery.

Buck up, man. It's a life-long battle.

Comment Posted By Plumb Bob On 3.01.2009 @ 04:41

bsjones asks a reasonable question (#4, above), namely:

"...why does the American political class from both parties NEVER see American interests as different from Israeli interests?"

I see three answers:

1) As long-term guarantors of Israel's existence, to suddenly, now, throw up our hands and simply let the chips fall where they may would wreck our ability to make treaties for two generations, as abandoning Vietnam did, only worse. Nobody would take word of our alliance seriously, nor should they. This would also encourage enemies to attack us and persist longer; note that terrorists around the world still refer to Vietnam when they encourage each other to persist in attacking America.

2) Muslim intent is to dominate the world; that's a goal supported by theology. They hate Israel because Israel proves they can't dominate even their own region. They hate the US because the US proves they can't dominate economics or world politics. Whether we want it or not, we and Israel are co-belligerents in the same war, and if they fall, we're next.

3) Americans have an innate sense of fairness. We recognize Israel's right to exist, and until the press and American public schools started lying about the Palestinians, we generally recognized that their real intent is the annihilation of Israel. Politicians may not agree, but they like their jobs, and won't buck the people's sense of fair play.

Comment Posted By Plumb Bob On 3.01.2009 @ 04:35


Congrats, kudos, and good luck.

I suspect you won't finish last, as there are a couple of blogs in that list, including mine (Plumb Bob Blog) that most people have never even heard of. Still, I'm like you -- that somebody actually considers our work on a par with the likes of Victor Davis Hanson or the Powerline boys is a stunning and unexpected honor.

FWIW, I think your blog is superb.

Thanks for the kind words. But don't sell yourself short. Plenty of us have heard of your site although I am not a daily visitor. Keep plugging away and have a great 2009.

Rick Moran

Comment Posted By Plumb Bob On 31.12.2008 @ 12:42


Well done.

Back in February, I wrote a piece drawing attention to the radical influences in Obama's upbringing. It appeared to me then that Obama could easily be a Marxist "Trojan Horse" candidate, and that at the very least he was naturally predisposed to find radical ideas palatable. Your piece here adds later detail to what I started, and confirms what I suspected -- that Obama represents the hard left in American politics, far to the left of the Democratic party.

I'm with you -- let's make sure the American people know what they're being asked to buy.

Comment Posted By Plumb Bob On 3.06.2008 @ 15:47


The reason Obama can be seen with the likes of Ayers and Wright is simply that he thinks like they do.

Obama has literally spent his life surrounded by radicals. His mother was a campus radical; his mentor of his childhood years was a well-known radical writer; his college friends were black radicals; his first employer was a radical Christian group touting liberation theology and Alinsky mixed with the New Testament; his mentor from those years was a radical; his first associations in urban Chicago politics were radicals. His supporters are radicals, his churchmates are radicals, his pastor is a radical. Radical theory does not sound outlandish to him; it's what he's heard all his life.

It does not matter all that much how close Obama is to Ayers and Dohrn. The message is not that Obama has odd friends and bad judgment (although that's certainly a problem for him in electoral politics). The message is that Obama is, himself, a theoretical Marxist, and represents the ascendancy of world socialism to the presidency of the US.

You can read some of the supporting material from my blog site.

The research about Barack Obama has paid off. He's no longer a mystery. We know where he stands. America would be insane to elect this man president.

Comment Posted By Plumb Bob On 26.04.2008 @ 07:23


You and Levin are full of beans.

A) Huckabee never mentioned Christians or Evangelicals, and not all social conservatives are Evangelicals.

B) Anybody who's been following conservative blogs knows that social conservatives are have been significantly angry for months over being asked to support a pro-abortion-rights candidate, after 27 years of supporting allegedly pro-life Republicans and seeing zero progress on the topic. Huckabee is not creating the phenomenon, he's part of it.

C) What's really going on here is that the anti-Evangelical bigotry of lots of people, guys like Levin, Dan Riehl, and you, is being exposed. Huckabee isn't even running a particularly rough campaign, yet all of you are claiming he's particularly despicable. He's not; you just think guys like Huckabee pretend to be more holy than you, so you amplify his slightest foible to make him seem worse. It says megatons more about you guys and your consciences than it says about Huckabee.

I'm a Thompson support. If you don't believe me, check my blog. But seriously, the BIGOTRY I'm seeing makes me sick. Grow the hell up.

Comment Posted By Plumb Bob On 13.01.2008 @ 18:49

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