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I did not say Obama is a Muslim. I wrote that is a an apostate Muslim. There is a big difference.

The point about his name fool, was that his biological father was very much into Islam. That same polygamist father left him at a very early age. After being abandoned,his mother then marries another Muslim! This new stepfather takes him and his mother to Indonesia where he registers Barrack as a muslim child in the Indonesiam public schools. There he was taught the Koran, as was standard practice in Indonesia for a muslim child . In the eyes of the muslim world, he was a muslim. In Islam, once a muslim, always a muslim. The Koran forbids you from leaving the Muslim faith. Once you leave the faith, you are considered an spostate. It is an offense punishable by death under sharia law.

What I was implying that we don't kmow how this Muslim experience affected Barrack and what he attitude towards the Muslim World is now .

His lofty rhetoric is full of feel good platitudes, but is empty and a near carbon copy, often word to word copy of Deval Patrick's campaign in 2006. It is not original to him, and really doesn't provide any true take on where he stands. We don't know really where he stands on the Greater WAr on Terror at all, at least by his rhetoric. We definitely do not know how he proposes to win this War.

What we do know is that:

He is uncomfortable with:

• conventional displays of patriotism
• the war in Iraq
• Gitmo
• Abu Graib
• Support for Israel

But is comfortable with:

• Repeating lies about the Military in Afgahnistan
• Associates with ties to Islamic
Radicals like Raila Odinga and Tony Rezko.
• Former violent radicals like the Weather Underground.
• Leaving the people and all the good we have accomplished in Iraq
to the depravities of Al Qaeda

Gee, for a the man who is most likely at this point to lead western civilization in the Greater War on Terror, don't these attitudes seem to be a really big problem ?

All Obama and Kerry in 2004 before him, seem to be saying is that all we need to do is sit down with a bunch of Muslim leaders and simply hammer out a peace agreement. Except that the Koran forbids a true peace agreemnent with the Infidel. It only allows a "Hudna", a temporary truce favorable to Islam. In Islam, the only way to find peace is to submit to the word of Allah.

This war is mostly a war of Ideas. How exactly do you propose to address the fact that for fundamentalist Islam, Allah has the answers to all things and there is no need for democracy or free thought? How do you reconcile that Islam with our democratic ideals and our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? How do you protect those muslims who want those same democratic Ideals for themselves?

As George Weigel says, to truly have a meaningful dialogue with Islam, one must first recognize our true differences. You seem to be afraid to expose those diffences for some polically correct reason.

Your whole post was a frightened muddying of the waters, not a courageous examination of the truth. What a true Dhimmi.

I once thought better of you.

Oh for gods sake read the freaking post. Just because I say anyone who thinks he's a Muslim - or in your case a Muslim apostate - is a loon doesn't mean I support the guy. Beyond that, I've been blogging about Rezko since he announced his candidacy so don't tell me what to look at.

And you lost me after this: "...that his biological father was very much into Islam..." Wrong, "fool." His biological father by all accounts (except those in the hysterical conservative sites where rumor is substituted for facts) was an agnostic. His paternal grandfather may or may not have been Muslim. And the reason he was enrolled in the muslim school in Indonesia is because that's what you did if you wanted to live there.

Having to defend this far left liberal from the likes of you sickens me - you and others like you are muddying the waters, going after the guy where people are not only not paying attention, but those that are listening are laughing at you for your stupidity. If the only way to marginalize you and protect reasonable conservatives from being tarred with your idiocies is to bring you down and make you disappointed in me, so be it. Ive lost better readers than you.


Comment Posted By Paul Ramsey On 25.02.2008 @ 09:47


Rick, check out these other Obama 'soulmates":

Cousin Raila Odinga, the losing Presidential Candidate in Kenya, whom Obama supposedly has almost daily conversations, has been linked to religous violence, burning of churches ( with parishioners in them), and other violence following his loss in the elections. Odinga was accused of making a secret pact with a Kenyan national muslim group to install sharia law in Kenya if he won the election. Oh by the way, check out the picture of Obama in Kenyaa tribal Muslim garb in 2006 at Sweetness and Light.

"Tony" Rezko, corrupt Syrian-Amerioan slumlord/ businessman and heavy poitical contributor to Chicago area democrats, who will be inducted this week I believe for corruption. This is the character, with a nineteen year relationship to Obama and his law firm, who put up the money for a portion of Obama's lot so Obama could purchase his $2.1 million home. Rezko it seems also has ties to politically connected types in Syria and the former Saddam regime.

It seems that it was true that Obama was reaching out in bi-partisan way- it just was to the parties of the Islamic radicals and not to the Republicans.

This is a guy who:

• Won't say the pledge of allegience
• Won't wear an American flag pin.
• Whose wife has never been proud of American before her husband's campaign.
• Who belongs to a racist anti-white church in Chicago.
• Who was enrolled as a muslim in Indoneisa's schools and studied the Koran in afterschool clubs.
• Whose middle name is named after Ali Hussein, grandson of Mohammad and the founder of Shia d' Islam. Incidentally, "Barrack" is awfully close to the name "Buraq", the winged steed that Mohammad rode to heaven on.

This apostate muslim is the one who is to lead us on the War on Terror?

Pray tell, how is Barrack going to make peace between the Shia , Sunni and the Sufi, much less those other people of the Book, those infidel Jews and Chistians? The muslim Takfiri have only been waging war on the insufficiently pious muslims and infidel for over thirteen hundred years, or did'nt Barrack learn that studying the Koran as a teenager?

We as voters really need to hear from Barrack, how studying the Koran as a teenager affected and shaped his political outlook and worldview.

Comment Posted By Paul Ramsey On 24.02.2008 @ 18:44


The time is now for all good Republicans in those states with still to be held Dem primaries to cross over and vote for Hillary just like the anti-Republican McCainiac libs did.

If the libs are going to screw up our party, we should screw up theirs!

Comment Posted By Paul Ramsey On 9.02.2008 @ 11:09


The truth is that a presidency of a McCain, Obama or Hillary will be a unmitigated disaster. There is nothing at this point, besides a Romney miracle that we as conservatives can do about it.

Under any of these thre guys,there likely will be be:

• A nuclear Iran
• Possibly another terrorist strike on American Soil; definitely greater and more empowered Islamofascist terrorism.
• Much higher oil prices, more than double our inflated prices now.
• A collapsing dollar
• Higher taxes, lapsing of the 2003 cuts, new increases on the way including a 50 cent a gallon carbon tax.
• Some form of Universal Health Care
• Much greater environmental regulations - more than sufficient to strangle the economy.
• Some form of confiscation of oil, pharmaceutical and insurance industry profits.
• And as a result of all of the above - a massive recession.

Now do we as conservatives want to be apart of all the above? I don't think so. And we can't stop it even if we wanted too- which we do.

McCain cannot and will not win. The media will turn on him and absolutely destroy him as soon as he clinches the nomination. All of a sudden we will see stories of the Keating 5, McCain tirades, stuff on his age, his intolerance, his dumb, pandering poorly thought out positions, etc, etc, etc. His squishy moderate and independent support will vanish in a heartbeat. And he will not have Talk Radio or the Blogs wathcing his back to defend him. It will be ugly.

The really sad part is that not only will the conservative base not volunteer for him, nor donate; they probably won't turn out on election day dooming a lot of good Republicans. The next Democrat President as a result, probably will have his or her way with Congress for at least the next two years.

McCain will thus become the biggest loser in modern political presidential history. It will be a complete wipeout. The Republican Party will wish he did as well as Dole or Ford.

The only positive thing I can say is that the end of the long march into the wilderness, after the carnage of the next Democrat in the White House, hopefully will be only two years away - until the 2010 Congressional elections. The US will then really need the conservatives to put the Country back togather again.

Comment Posted By Paul Ramsey On 5.02.2008 @ 18:27


Fred is clearly the only conservative in the race. And only a true conservative can unite this party.

What many people fail to realize is that with five contenders in the race and each getting a fair amount of votes, there likely will be no one with a majority of delegates come convention time.

Then what happens?

Will a majority get behind a backstabbing Rino like McCain? Don't think so.

Huckabee? You've got to be kidding!

Romney? Suspicious Johnny come lately to the conservative cause. Romney was against 2003 tax cuts, still believes the global warming hoax, and had a host of anti- reagan pro- abortion comments in the 90's and more recent past. Besides he has used spurious attack ads against the other candidates.But the real killer is that many feel they can't trust him because he's a focus group phoney. Don't think the convention will be his.

Guiliani? Maybe, but not if the social conservatives have their way.

That leaves only Fred. The only candidate acceptable to the three wings of the Party. In a split convention, he's the only one who could prevent a ugly floor fight and huge recrimination that would probably give the election to the dems.

Comment Posted By Paul Ramsey On 12.01.2008 @ 11:02

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