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Phenomenal comment by steve. What I have seen happening on the Right has been a travesty to me. For whatever reason, and Rick, you're not excluded from this, very few have acknowledged the necessity of a more extreme view that is put forth by what you are now calling the popularizers: Beck, Rush, Hannity, etc. Charles Johnson, one of the most influential right bloggers, has gone so far as to remove all members of LGF whom he feels are even vaguely "extreme" from his site. He ludicrously refuses to acknowledge that Beck holds any value. He even more ludicrously attempts to brand the some of the right's better thinkers and bloggers, like Ron Paul and RS McCain, respectively, as violent racist anti-semites, and not worth listening to on any topic.

I think there is a general necessity for these people to, just as steve puts forth, blast open holes in the enemy lines. The front of the left is galvanized, but there are conservatives in waiting behind them. Many are libertarian conservatives and just don't know it. If a libertarian conservative voice like Beck's can reach penetrate that galvanized front line and pique that left-libertarian's interest, he may begin to pay some heed to the conservative intellectual. The conservative intellectual must stroll in through that hole blasted by the infantry, and begin to educate that new conservative in what conservatism is.

We cannot continue to deride the efforts of Beck or Rush or Hannity or Coulter or Levin or whoever comes next. They have their place. They serve a purpose. Intellectuals have to step in and fill in the gaps.

Comment Posted By Paul Kroenke On 5.10.2009 @ 13:07


Invective from a moderate!

It seems Mr. Robinson has inspired you, Rick!

Perhaps this means more fire from your writing from now on? Perhaps you'll bring your superlative skills as an essayist to the forefront to be a strong moderate voice? Engage us and tell us why we need not fear the things that the likes of Robinson are telling us we need to fear? I hope you'll view this as a challenge to be a leading voice, rather than a Charles Johnson-esque finger-pointing laugher.

Comment Posted By Paul Kroenke On 19.07.2009 @ 13:38


I like your mention of Paul Ryan. Other than having voted for TARP for whatever crazy reason, he appears to have a "sky-is-the-limit" future to me. If not that the image to two polished Republicans with slick hair would be "too Republican" for some people to bear, I might say he'd be the perfect VP candidate to run alongside Romney, projecting not only a strong present come 2012, but a viable future for conservative values.

Comment Posted By Paul Kroenke On 9.07.2009 @ 11:46

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