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I just could not believe my ears tonight, after a morning of watching and hearing the tough talk of the new offensive. This, in just a few short hours, cave in to a what...a non existant force that pretents to be a country. What part of stupid doesn't the Israelies and Americans not understand. France has never backs us and then we go to bed with them and all of a sudden there a good guy, I don't think so!!! Then to think that a force of 15000 UN troops with the Lebanese soldiers is going to be fair on the border of Israel and I haven't even touched on Syria and Iran yet. It's no wonder the world is in such a mess, being stupid must have become very fashionable lately. Bottom line: All the countries around Israel hate them and want them dead, that means all of them, period. They want the Americans dead, how do i know. Easy, they have been telling us on TV, sometimes even with the help of our politicians and certain networks. So what is the right thing to do. It is really easy, make your stand on what is right, we are suppose to be a Godly living/believing nation). The god they profess to believe in and follow is dead, in otherwords their god is not thee God, period. If you don't believe that then you better get back into the Bible. Okay now back to the solution, you kill them that want to kill us. Any politician that cannot see this as the solution, doesn't deserve to be in any position of representation for the citizens of the United States. Sound kind of extreme, so is cutting heads off on TV, but if we don't stand up now, it can and will happen. You know God gave us a brain to think with and use and if we don't it will cease to function. Has your????

Comment Posted By Paul Beyer On 11.08.2006 @ 23:33

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