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I think this news story better explains the situation:

6/11/06 Three 'detainees' were found dead at the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, apparent suicides from choking to death on their Korans.

Military officials released a statement saying, "a cultural adviser is assisting the Joint Task Force to ensure that the remains are handled in a culturally and religiously appropriate manner."

When asked what that manner might be the spokesperson said, "an older model Ford pickup truck is being flown in with bumper attached chain to drag and fishtail the corpses around detention facility grounds. After guard personnel are tired of dragging them, the bodies will be piled together, lit on fire, and poked and prodded."

The cultural advisor spokesperson announced that U.S. Army Muslim psychotherapists will be available to console those suffering from separation anxiety at the terrible loss.

In response to a threatened civil rights lawsuit by the ACLU over the detainees' right to suicide, the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has been contracted by the U.S. government to issue cyanide tablets to detainees along with their Islamic Halal meals.

"This will be our final attempt to appease them. We tried to be culturally correct with the arrows pointed to mecca, prayer rugs, Korans, muslim meals, and soccer practice. Maybe the international countries of the world will have more respect for us now," Rear Admiral Ben D. Over bewailed.

Switzerland, Belgium, and Netherlands representatives will be consulted about the proper administration and ingestion of the cyanide pills.

Planned Parenthood expressed approval at the detainees' many requests for a proper suicide, calling it a "convenient late term abortion."

Detainee Akheemen Al Jahareetto Akna Bennahoujoud in an interview with Matt Lauer of NBC News said, "I saw [one of the detainees] stuffing the Koran down his throat and I could see the last page he had turned too. It was sura 56 verses 12 -40."

Lauer reached in his back pocket and pulled out Sohaib Sultan's The Koran for Dummies to verify the passage. "The 87 virgins are to be his in exchange for his blessed sacrifice against the infidels," Akheemen intoned.

Lauer replied, "How do you know that's what he'll get?"

"......Well, we don't ...really. That's just what they tell us."

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I thoroughly enjoy comments and criticisms that never address what exactly Coulter says. A proper rebuttal never goes out of style.

I'm halfway through the book and her criticisms of modern liberalism are layed out quite reasonably.

Of course, like Rush Limbaugh, she glorifies all Rebublican and conservative values, but many of their core values are good values.

Modern liberalism has no consistent values and espouses no well grounded judgments.

Remember also that Coulter utilizes satire in her writings, and showing another person's values (or really, lack of them) is very frustrating and anger inducing for directionless people.

This is why I detest blog type comments, because 99% of the comments are no better than the blankness that was there before them.

I call these commenters my 'squabbling children'

Go read the reviews of Coulter's Godless at You'll see what I mean, and you will find my 'children'.

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