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I thought Dubya said this was never going to happen. Get used to it. There is nothing we can do about it as we have lost any pretensions to world leadership. Ditto Iran. At some point adults are going to take back responsibility for running US foreign policy.

Comment Posted By Otto On 9.10.2006 @ 13:48


Hastert is god's gift to the democrats alright. He may be a nice guy but he's incoherent. Kudlow and Blankley who are both shrewd political operatives, have both been vocal that Hastert is a guilty sign hanging around the neck of the party. I suspect more stuff is going to trickle out because some guys with ambitions want to dump Hastert who let's face it was a DeLay stooge who did what he was told. Now DeLay isn't around any longer. A few people on the inside that I know say Hastert the bumbler is as well known as Foley the gay. I think the poll speculation above is probably accurate in both senses. They were leaked by a rival and they are awful. Based on personal observations I think the public has made up its mind about this issue, basically the leadership knew and kept it quiet. The Rass poll a couple of days ago had only 21% believing the Republican story, 61% didn't believe it, and 18% don't knows who are the Republicans who don't want to answer from embarrasment. It also seems clear the public has made up it's mind about Iraq, whichever way you slice it you have around 60% of the country thinking its a disaster. So even if Hastert disappears were back to Woodward. Out of the frying pan etc.

Comment Posted By Otto On 6.10.2006 @ 12:29


The Drudge hare has proved to be total bs, as was obvious to anyone with an atom of commonsense. Hastert claims, evidently bought by some of our more enthusiastic conspiracy theorists, that Clinton and Jewish merchant bankers are orchestrating this only expose the Republican party and anyone espousing this to ridicule. They are simply reinforcing the majority that we are nuts. In that direction does not lie salvation.

Comment Posted By Otto On 6.10.2006 @ 12:44


We have lost the hearts and minds battle big time despite the efforts of Karen Hughes which in itself is an indicator of how out of touch we are with what we are dealing with. Take Lebanon, did anyone see Nasrallah's rally. It doesn't have to be so, look at what we achieved in Western Europe and Japan in 1945-1955. What this report calls into question is the whole strategy we have pursued over the past five years. It was obviously leaked by professionals in the intelligence or diplomatic community, but that doesn't make its assessments any less accurate, and they need to be faced or we are going to lose this in the long term. Dan Rather is as irrelevant as Tokyo Rose. We need to get beyond the knee jerk responses and ask ourselves a few hard questions.

Comment Posted By Otto On 24.09.2006 @ 12:55

What is all this Benedict Arnold, Tokyo Rose nonsense. Theese were respectively 230 and 60 years ago. Invoking them is a substitute for recognising that we have a large problem on our hands and according to the latest NIE we are largely responsible for creating it. This outcome, let's face it, has been the view of many middle east analysts for a long time. Now the NIE confirms it, if the best we can do is start blathering about ancient history it suggests we are refusing to recognise reality in 2006. One would have to be very stupid to not recognize that perhaps there have been major flaws in our strategy for combatting terrorism and a bit of judicious reconsideration might be appropriate.

Comment Posted By Otto On 24.09.2006 @ 11:07


Although peppered with generalities, this analysis of the dysfunctionality of the relationship between the administration and its intelligence agencies is probably not far off the mark. It could probably be extended the relationship between the administration and the state department. My question is what does this tell you about the management skills of this administration. Basically we have a complete collapse of the relationships between the two main professional operational units of our foreign policy apparatus and the Bush/Cheney administration. Is this intended to make us safer? Do the intelligence officials know absolutely nothing? Do the state department professionals know absolutely nothing? Why do we employ all these people? Perhaps we should replace them with the staffs of the NRO and Bill Kristol. At some point this stupidity will be over. Thank god.

Comment Posted By Otto On 25.08.2006 @ 17:11

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