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I love your wrap ups of 24 every week and am looking for to your descriptions/opinions on the game. You're the only Bears fan I 'know' so I was thinking about you after they lost. My sympathies.

That being said, I'm still grinning like a fool. I've been a fan since they moved to town and it's nice to finally have it pay off. I live out of town these days so I've missed the hype and celebrations but it's still fun!

As we say in Cleveland: "Well, there's always next season."

Comment Posted By Nora from Indy On 6.02.2007 @ 12:54


Wrymouth: We're called 'Hoosiers'. Get it right, please

Rick: Does having the world's best children's museum count for anything? It's a wonderful place for everyone who's ever wondered 'How do they DO that?"

Yeah, I don't care for auto racing, either, but it is said to be the best race in the world. They don't call 'em 'Indy Cars' for nothin'.

Go Colts!!

Comment Posted By Nora from Indy On 6.02.2007 @ 12:44

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