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I'm a beleiver in the two party system allow me elaborate. To take your analogy, let's say the two parties are McD's and BK and I want tacos. Well, I have the same $1 everyone else has and, if enough people also want tacos like me, taco bell, hitherto meaningless chain, will rise in promience and start taking customers from the big two. They'll realize this and start serving tacos.

On the other hand, let's say I want something really extreme like Bug Salad. There're is probably some people out there who also want Bug Salad but it's not a mainstream dish, so it won't take any real money away from McD's and BK and they won't waste their time serving bug salad.

What I'm getting at here is in a two party system, if there are good ideas being ignored by a party, a third party rises, stings one of the major parties, has it's ideas co-opted, and dies. It's happened repeatedly throughout our history. Witness the greens in 2000. But the Two Big player hover around the center of national politics.

Take a look across the pond, ever wonder why the Neo-Nazi's have a living party in Germany, or Anti-Semites are commonly elected to office? Because they're over there subsidizing bug salad! Bottomline, Multi-party syatems encourge extremeism and obstinance and two party systems encourage comprimise and moderation. Maybe McD's taco doesn't taste as good to you as Taco Bell's but it tastes, on average, better to everybody else.

Comment Posted By Non-Fat Latte Liberal On 17.04.2006 @ 09:41

I agree that not voting is an equally valid form of expression in a democracy!

On impeachment I think it would be stillborn. Bush's incompetence is not an impeachable offense and although the Dems could get a trial going, i think it would be diaster for them. There's no way they could get a supermajority to convict and the public, although disillusioned with Bush, would likely grow tired of such childishness quickly.

The Dems have much less of a case then the Reeps did w.r.t. Clinton's impeachment and I think their memory is fresh enough that they would probably focus on other things anyway.

Comment Posted By Non-Fat Latte Liberal On 17.04.2006 @ 08:56

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