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I doubt that the tens of thousands of dead victims in Darfur would (if they could) consider “Muslims Go Home” ...hate speech.

Given the fact that most of those victims are Muslims themselves, your point is kinda hard to understand.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 26.07.2007 @ 21:53

My heart would go out to Kos – except that he has made it his life’s work to remove every last vestige of his original comment from the internet.

And it is a convenient apology two years after the fact and after the Dems began to see he and his “community” with dollar signs in their eyes.

You can't check your basic facts, Rick, can you?

1) This apology (which is, in fact, not an apology, but an explanation of his position) was published two days, not two years later.

2) Not only did not Kos "make it his life’s work" to remove that comment from the internets, it's still there, _nothing_ has happened to it (just search for "screw").

It took me one minute on Wikipedia to find this link. This "screw them" story is such an important talking point for righties, it's just baffling how can you be so ignorant of the basic facts in it.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 26.07.2007 @ 20:23


Did you bother to find out how DailyKos works?
If you didn't (and apparently you didn't), here's how: anyone who has 15 spare minutes on his hands can register an account and post anything he wants. He can then be troll-rated and, in case of him being a major asshole, kicked out -- just what happened in this case.
What kind of logic you're using if you think that that deleted post proves anything is impossible to understand.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 25.07.2007 @ 19:23


Same goes for you. The fact that those people were trying to undermine the policies of their governmetn is despicable although they didn’t deserve to get arrested.

You meant it's despicable that they were undermining Iran's government? You don't want Milosevic's fate for Ahmadinejad?
Or were they undermining US's policy? Is US against women rights? Against cultural dialogue? Against fighting AIDS?
Why won't you change the title of the post to "Persian gangsters will try despicable Americans"?
That's the way freepers see it: if it's about Soros, let them burn. For some mysterious reasons that hatred of Soros doesn't transfer into hatred of Orange Revolution in Ukraine or of Kasparov in Russia. Obviously, when he gets something done, Soros can be forgiven (or forgotten), but when he's only trying -- screw him.

Khatami – anti-west, anti-American, pro blowing Israel to kingdom come. Some goddamn moderate, huh? And the miniscule reforms he as advocating – halfheartedly and probably only to establish an independent power base with the students – have nothing to do with making Iran a “free” country.

Really? Two-state solution is blowing Israel to kingdom come? Anti-west? Anti-American? He's certainly not more pro-American than Chirac, but how bad is that?
And Gorby was, obviously, a saint. FYI, he, or, for that matter, Yeltsin, had more innocent blood on his hands than Khatami. FYI, it's almost impossible to find pro-Israel politicians in the region, and Khatami is certainly less of anti-Semite than

And WTF do you think AQ Khan was doing in Iran in the mid 90’s? Getting a suntan? Khan’s network never – repeat never – helped a country with nuclear expertise that wasn’t trying to build a bomb. And like Pakistan, a nuke would be wildly popular in Iran. So much for your “helping the revolution” nonsense.

Do you think that Iran is culturally similar to Pakistan? Are you sure? Are you sure that verifiable proof (as opposed to zero-value MKO intelligence) that Ahmadinejad wants his country to be destroyed would have no effect on domestic policies? They seem to get pretty mad at him for quite minor reasons.

The “sane” side of Iran doesn’t need awakening. It needs to be in power. And as long as the mullahs and 250,000 Rev guards have their jackboots on the necks of the people, that aint gonna happen.

Do you know Gene Sharp? 250.000 is not that many against well-organized resistance. It takes a good coordination and a well-chosen moment to trigger the process. I'm 100% that a lot of people are working on that.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 2.06.2007 @ 12:08

People who think Ahmadinejad is Gorbachev, and this includes Condaleeza Rice who is educated as an expert on Russia, are not squaring up to the nature and goals of the Iranian regime.

Only a complete idiot would say that Ahmadinejad is Gorbachev. The moment of Iranian Gorbachev is now past, say thanks to people like Michael Ledeen who made their best to screw the chances for reform. Now he's inventing thousands of slaughtered students (where did this come from? probably from the same place as Clinton-Obama cult disrupting military funerals). Khatami was like Gorbachev in USSR where putsch succeeded. That's really a fun position -- to slander a guy that did what he could to fight for the freedoms, such as freedom of the press, in Iran, only to have his supporters arrested, killed and assassinated, newspapers closed etc and his peace efforts rejected by the White House.

The "Iranian appeasers" in LGF's, Mitt Romney's and probably Rick's book are the very people whose arrests he's writing about here. The people that try their best to awaken the sane side of Iran.
As for nuclear ambitions, that's a long and complicated story. Iran never stated that it wants to have nuclear weapons or use them, they _do_, indeed, need nuclear energy, and that's the way most of the Iranian population sees it -- a peaceful and necessary program that the West wants to stop out of pure malice. There's a good chance that they are actually making nukes, and a strong proof of this would probably help a cause of revolution a lot. Too bad that most of the intelligence on Iranian nukes comes from MKO, a universally hated terrorist organization.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 2.06.2007 @ 07:39

And what's actually the use of the word "Persian" here? Persian is an identity that mullahs try to suppress, Persians are the people that freed the Jews from the Babylonian captivity and financed the building of the Second Temple. "Persian" means a great culture that will hopefully be revived in the future.
By using the word Persian in derogatory context you are insulting people like Nazanin Afshin. (On the other hand, she's obviously a Soros-type revolutionary, so if hating liberal trumps all other ideas, it's OK to insult her).
The only other people on Earth that are fond of the "Persian gangsters" expression are Al-Qaeda members.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 2.06.2007 @ 06:28

It speaks volumes about a nation’s rulers that they criminalize love based on someone’s heritage or religion. But don’t mention this to our domestic Iranian apologists. Their heads might explode.

Whom do you mean by "Iranian apologists"? People like George Soros, who, judging by the arrest of Kian Tajbakhsh, is doing his best to do to Iran's regime what he successfully did to Communism in Czech Republic and Poland, to Milosevic and to Ukrainian and Georgia's Putinoids? People like Juan Cole protesting these arrests? Did you notice that most of those five people arrested are, judging by their credentials, more or less "leftists"? Where are those mythical Iranian apologists, besides David Duke and the fringe lefty blog-trolls?
It seems that you would call apologist someone who would say that it was a good idea for Reagan to open contacts with Gorbachev. Who, if you don't remember, was quite a mean SOB responsible for numerous massacres (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania).

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 1.06.2007 @ 18:26


That may be the most confused, convoluted, illogical post you’ve ever left here.

And that’s saying something.

Well, did you, or did you not claim that 61% of Democrats are certifiable insane? The answer is, yes. It's kind of inconsistent, to talk about the "wisdom of the voter" and to claim that the majority of the voters of the majority party are "certifiable insane".

I'm not saying that "wisdom of the voter" is the wrong idea, only that you're a wrong guy to voice that idea. The snobbishness of Caplan is probably wrong, but it is nothing compared to your open disgust for the voter.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 28.05.2007 @ 06:21

Caplan’s idiotic notions regarding the irrationality and ignorance of voters is so far off the mark as to why people vote the way they do it is beyond belief.

That's kind of funny of you to say, given your claims that "60% of Democrats are insane because they think it possible that Bush was behind 9/11" -- this based on a logic that, say, "Screw Loose Change" finds faulty.

Al Gore was part of an Administration that virtually enabled al-Qaeda to attack America whenever it chose.

So you claim that voters made a conscious choice of Bush over Gore based on their idea of their response to an event that didn't happen then? This with Bush sounding more isolationist than Gore in the debates and, in fact, scaling down anti-Al-Qaeda operations when he became a president? That is, indeed, nutty.

Regime change would have been off the table. And Bin Laden would not only have been free and on the loose, but hugely emboldened and the biggest hero in the Arab world since Saladin.

Actually, you should have said: "The US would already be a part of the Caliphate, Christians would already be second-class citizens and bin Laden would be the UN Secretary". That makes about as much sense, but sounds more powerful.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 27.05.2007 @ 15:26


A convenient convergence of interests between Fatah al-Islam and Syria? Or outright collusion?
Or just conspiracy theories you invented? I'd vote for a conspiracy theory. There is some chance that what you say is true, but both the logic and the arguments are pure conspiracy theory.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 23.05.2007 @ 08:35

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