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I find your insights...well, insightful. I've yet to encounter such a take on the letter. Most of the rhetoric from Washington simply dismisses the letter on the basis that it's unrelated to nuclear proliferations. But critics are saying that the letter was meant as an outstretched hand to Bush. They share a common faith. Islam and Christianity believe in the same God. "Allah," as I'm sure everyone knows, is Arabic for "God." They share the same prophets and creation myth, as well.
What to look out for, however, is Russia's counter to Cheney's accusations that Putin takes away civil liberties. Putin declared this week that he will increase military spending in an effort to keep up with the U.S. in case of a conflict. Remember that the U.S. armed Iran in the late 1940s to stop Russia from moving south and threatening the west's stronghold in the Middle East. But Russia has continually opposed British and U.S. presence in the MIddle East (see Iraq war). Also consider that the U.S. armed Osama bin Laden and the Afghanistan Taliban to keep Russia out, which was a success. These are troubling times, to be cliched, and a Iran is not as far from gaining allies as the U.S. claims.

Comment Posted By Nicholas On 12.05.2006 @ 17:17

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