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Furthermore I would like to state that I do ont believe that nutjob bigot represents all conservatives. It would like a conservative that I am like Fidel Castro. I believe that their are good conservatives out their and bad ones(same with liberals) and that one must differentiate between them. I put this blog on my GOOD CONSERVATIVE BLOG :)

Comment Posted By New Prog On 20.12.2006 @ 15:54

I would like to thank you and the other conservative bloggers for the responses to the horrible bigotry placed by Debbie Schlussel. I am a liberal and upon hearing of your blog as well as many others calling her out on her hatred,I was well..kinda shocked. Finally something both us on the left and and you guys on the right are agreeing. MMFA has a section dedicated to honoring your blogs for their quick responses and appreciate your view. I fully realize now the Debbie and other fringe righties do not speak for all of you. Thank You greatly!!!

Comment Posted By New Prog On 20.12.2006 @ 15:29

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