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- Bush pledged to up hold the Constitution to the best of his ability. You Left that part out sherlock.

As for the reast of your typical liberal diatribe:

- We are in Iraq until the government is stablized. Which appears it will be by 2013.

- The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America. This documentary puts your lies to rest about Bush not keeping us safe from more radical islamic terrorist attacks. This Film documents alot of evidence you claimed didn't exist or was trivial at best. You're wrong on both accounts.

- a new study showed radicalism is on the decline even with America in Iraq.

- Would you rather have Al-qaeda in charge of the Iraqi government? Would you rather have ethnic cleansing?

- Bin laden also wanted to fight us in Iraq.(his words.)

- We stopped chasing bin laden because he became marginalized. He remains that way to this very day. The war is bigger than Osama. They radical islamist aren't going to stop because osama bin laden was killed or caught.

- I agree the war was badly named, it should of been called the war on Jihadist.
There tactic: Terrorism.

- The reason bin laden escaped was because we sent in the Northern alliance when we should of sent in our paramilitary troops. Bone headed? sure.
Due to Iraq or deliberate? Your the first to ever claim that poppycock.

- The Idea is to minimalize the radical islamic threat much like the pirate threat has been minimalized today. However, You're logic of comparing the war on drugs to radical islamic terrorism is weak. What you're saying is you agree with radical Islam and everything they're doing. Thus, Just let them do it. To be comical about your ignorance; legalize radical islamic terrorism.

Comment Posted By Neoliberal On 16.12.2008 @ 08:39

"I was talking about conservatism as a political philosophy, not the Republican party. The GOP isn’t conservative, in any real sense of the word, it’s a mish-mash of bigot populists, neo-conservative adventurists and Wall Street greed-heads led for the last eight years by an arrogant frat boy who knows not thing one about serious conservative thought. Or any other kind of thought."

I never voted for bush once.

How are republicans bigots? While I agree with your economical points one only has to look at how bush ran his oil compaines into the ground. However, I'm sorry but I can't throw bush under the bus when it comes to the war. That frat boy and congress as well picked the perfect geography for the battle with Al-qaeda.
If we had tried to defeat al-qaeda in Afghanistan we would still be in like a 2006 Iraqi condition today.

Also Don't tell me what conservatism is it's many different social groups and aspects.

I consider myself a Goldwater conservative on Social-issues.

I consider myself a freidman libertarian on economical issues.

I consider myself a Reagan/JFK conservative/democrat on defense issues.

If you seen the movie american carol you'll understand why I cited JFK.

Comment Posted By Neoliberal On 15.12.2008 @ 09:52

When hasn't our government inflated numbers about progress during war time?

However, this revelation does make the liberals argument stronger when it comes to WMD/AL-qaeda in Iraq as being nothing more than fabrications.

Sounds to me like right wingers are turning judas. You're like cock roaches!

Comment Posted By Neoliberal On 15.12.2008 @ 03:02

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