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PLEASE keep coming up with these sports related posts ! I LUV IT ! It breaks the monotony of political posts and that in itself is good :-)

Grossman has already thrown one pick - he is still the same old Wrecks Grossman :-) but he does have the arm strength - if only he could stop throwing those prayers out on the field begging the opposing D to pick the ball, he would still be the first choice.

Other than JammieWearingFool, i have nt seen many political-oriented blogs open up about sports - please keep it coming !

May be you could start a NFL predictions for the week, post? Here's hoping :-)

Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 9.11.2008 @ 13:52


"You know what finally did it for me? It was the creation of a chief technology official coupled with the fact that all Science Nobel Laureates, plus 73 other Nobel Laureates, endorsed him. Those are literally some of the smartest people on the planet."

I dont really know where to start - but if the most important criteria is Nobel laureates deciding who the President should be, why even have an election ? Why even debate the issues ? After all the wise Nobel laureates need to be consulted and poof.. that does it for me !

Can you explain to me WHAT exactly the Chief Technology officer for the United States does ? Here, you have a candidate who disabled the Address Verification System while accepting credit card donations to his campaign.
No private enterprise can get away with such FRAUD and the President elect of the USA just did. Wonder what the CTO of the Government has to say about, you know blase' issues like website security and criminal violations of FEC regulations?

"America does not dominate the world in sci-tech anymore. I see this as a national security issue, as well as an economic one."

And who exactly are you or for that matter any one lesle to say that ? What experience/authority in hi-tech do you have to spout off such incredible ignorance and nonsense. Where is the proof exactly for these matter of fact statements ?

It is one thing to be ignorant of facts - and its another thing to open your mouth and show it on the Internet.

Who in hell came up with Google, Amazon, iPhone and iPod ? Would that be the Germans? Japanese? no it should be those genius Chinese guys right ??

Name me ONE hi-tech invention/innovation - ONE that Europeans/Asians have come up with in the last 15 years. ONE invention that hit the market and customers went crazy.

The facts are plain to see - America is still the greatest magnet in the world for the best talent. It STILL has the most innovative thinkers, researchers AND business people who can bring these ideas to the free market. There are people of all nationalities that work in the hi-tech industry in the US. Thanks to that CURSED H1-B visa.

And yes, it all happened without the blessings of a Chief TEchnology Officer !!

I wonder how many people who have no experience and background in matters like technology are spouting their profound thoughts with no relevance to the simple, plain old fricking facts.

Throw in some good old "national security" fear mongering/protectionist nonsense at the end. Geez,I guess this country needs to stop accepting Chinese manufactured PCs in the market.

Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 9.11.2008 @ 13:43


Thanks for your words of wisdom. You probably need to understand the meaning of the words "tyranny of a super majority" - a filibuster proof Senate, expanded majorities in the House and a Dem president means that power is solely concentrated with one party. And power ofcourse corrupts. just ask the Republicans who are in for the worst election loss in the last 60 years.

"I didn’t agree with the “faith based” support groups funded at the government’s expense . . . but it’s not hijacking the country, just a policy I disagree with."

Really? Tell that to Barack Obama who is all poised to EXPAND faith based initiatives. let's see how much you will protest then. Something tells me that your protests are not genuine and are more directed at the people who are responsible (that evil Bush) than the principle itself.

"Assuming the Evil Left initiate policies you disagree with, are they hijacking the country if they impose greater regulation on industry (as an example)? No. Its just a new direction, one some will disagree with but others don’t. That’s the way the game works."

How blase' !! It's just a new direction... nothing to look at here folks.. just move right along.. people like you are the reason, this country is going to be facing a 53 Trillion dollar deficit in the next 20 years - Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are going to consume about 40% of the GDP.

When a few people cried hoarse about how Social Security was an affront to individual liberty/self reliance, the Democratic majority just over-ruled them -after all this is how the "game" works, isnt it ? Guess what - this game is very very costly.

LBJ was President for 4 years - he added an entitlement bigger than Social Security in that short time! the minority who protested against his "Great Society" were told that they were stupid and inhumane to oppose the "new direction" - in 20 years Medicare will be at an altogether different direction - a dead end.

And yet here you are complaining about Bush - as though this is an excuse to stop thinking about the issues on hand. Sigh.

Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 4.11.2008 @ 00:13

Bob Samuelson's sobering take on the challenges ahead

Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 3.11.2008 @ 23:45


"Nagarajan: so you agree that this isn’t about Obama wanting to bankrupt the industry."
I am sorry JPE, but you should know this - your country relies on coal for 50% of its generated electric power. And yeah, there is no such thing as "clean" coal - there may be technologies to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that it makes - but coal in itself is any where between 50 to 100% carbon in mass. nothing can be done about that - its nature. We are talking about Coal for God's sakes !

When Obama says that new cap and trade rules will make sure that new coal fired power plants dont have a chance to survive, he is pretty much aiming for the coal industry to die. and let's not forget these rules will also apply to coal plants THAT ARE EXISTING. If you are going to slap them with fines, they are going to stop reducing their capacity or eventually shut down.

If Obama's plans stop new coal fuelled power plants, restrict existing ones to the point that they will not continue to be in business, what do you call that ? "encouragement" ??

"That’s a step up from the hackishness that the GOPers have been desperately engaged in the last few days."

Sorry ,but there is no hackery going on. People are genuinely concerned as to what will happen when career politicans start legislating nonsensencial laws that will kill the economy.

In this respect, there is no difference between Obama and McCain - they really should not messing around with things that they have very little knowledge about.

As Rick already pointed out, this global warming nonsense has been exaggerated greatly. Ultimately this has NOTHING to do with the environment or any such crap. This is aimed at bringing down economic growth and private enterprise.

These fricking Greenpeaceniks are nothing more than socialists.

Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 3.11.2008 @ 21:29

"Private industry figured out a way to conduct commerce in new ways based on the robust foundation created by these so called bureaucrats. The government and academic experts have EVERYTHING to do with what it is today because they are the ones who took their invention beyond a defense industry niche when they moved beyond DARPA."

As some one who works in the software industry, it is amusing to hear people say that government and academic "experts" had everything (in all caps !!) to do with what the Internet is today.

I dont want to pooh pooh the foundation that they laid, as you have rightly pointed out. it is nothing more than that - foundation, cable infrastructure etc But is a huuuuge stretch to say that they were the ones who moved it beyond the confines of military research.

Private innovators came up with the desgin of the integrated circuit - the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT invention of the 20th century in the field of technology - without the IC, your computer does not have its computing power. it would be nothing more than a physical machine.

Also, the phenomenal growth of programming languages/ OS software systems were due to the ingenuity of private inventors - this has very little if any to do with Government.

Sorry to go offtrack here -as the topic was coal. But every time, i see people come to the defense of Government, i also see how over the top they get. And how they try to squelch the importance of private enterprise.

It all looks so easy to say that industry "figured" out a way to do commerce - they rely on the work and genius of a few thousand innovators, spread across this country and the world. and no they are not connected by some great Govt bureaucracy or some Government plan.

Private enterprise is the KEY to new energy technology - if Obama thinks that companies are not looking for new solutions and that Govt will solve this by throwing around money, he is even more stupid than what i thought. Then again, he is a liberal - so, how could Government not spend money ?

When the hooey math Obama has cooked up to pay for his "plans" eventually comes crashing down, we will have to face the reckoning.

There isnt a bigger joke than cap and trade.

Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 3.11.2008 @ 21:13

"Obama is describing a plan in which the coal industry would have to implement enviro measures.There’s nothing terribly controversial about that position."

It is not controversial to you now - when coal companies either pass on the costs right back to your electricity bill or find that they just have to reduce transmission/capacity so that they dont hemorraghe revenue, let's see how you 'll feel. When more jobs are lost because coal companies cannot operate any more, let us see how controversial things will get.

The Government creating artifical markets for cap and trade will be the BIGGEST boondoggle ever - Fannie Mae will look trivial by comparision. And there could never be a WORSE time than now to implement such artifical regulations, increase capital gains taxes etc

I hope that Obama's economic advisers are sensible enough to tell him that his campaign rhetoric should be just that - mere rhetoric. But given how incredibly boneheaded and arrogant Obama can be when it comes to economic policy and growth, i am not exactly holding my breath.

Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 2.11.2008 @ 13:34

An yet he is poised to win comfortably.Demographic changes in VA, CO, are going to continue favoring the Dems in coming elections - re-districting in the next 2 years are going to make things even better for them.

Hello Wilderness. Is George W Bush the best thing to have happened to the Democrat party since FDR or what?

Not all Bush's fault (but it is pretty easy to blame him). The country has been moving further left for a while. We are getting used to asking government for stuff our grandparents would never have dreamed of. And since Democrats seem willing to give it to them, they are electing more of them.


Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 2.11.2008 @ 11:41


I hope you are right ! I lived in Buffalo for 2 years, attended UB, graduated in 2002 - i do know one thing - people in Buffalo can spot a phony when they see one - Obama is definitely one of these chameleons that blue collar folks in Buffalo will easily spot.

However NYC will predominantly vote for the jackass, so it does not matter which way Buffalo goes. But i think McCain is going down, no matter what.

Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 2.11.2008 @ 01:00

I think it is the responsibilty of the Government to provide sound infrastructure - even conservatives agree with this. There fore i would not complain about the highway system as Government largesse or Big Government - in fact the US inter state highway system is probably the best in the world - coming from India, i can vouch for it :-)

How ever your point on agricultural/farm subsidies is RIGHT on the money. Iowa is a case in point. McCain was honest (or should we say foolish) to come out against the incredibly bad corn based ethanol subsidies - and yeah, he just guaranteed himself a loss in Iowa.

His anti farm subsidies stance has also cost him some votes in Colorado, Montana etc.

Read this piece from the Idaho Statesman -

This is an interesting case in point - there are conservatives who complain about how the GOP has to return to it's conservative ways and reign in wasteful spending etc

McCain who is not conservative in many other issues has BEEN RIGHT ON when it comes to Government spending on agricultural/farm subsidies and tariffs related to these products. In fact the issue of agricultural farm subsidies was the straw that broke the camel's back at the WTO talks this year.

McCain has been conservative in his views and voting records when it comes to farm subsidies - and for that he will have nothing to show but only electoral defeat.

Some thing that conservatives should think about, when they clamour for the GOP to be truly conservative. There are issues that affect people's livelihood and these issues become more important than any political principle.

Comment Posted By Nagarajan Sivakumar On 1.11.2008 @ 12:27

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