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Bill Arnold,
Responding to some of your comments.

"A guy who can pull this off is a guy who stands a better chance negotiating and working with dodgy world leaders like Putin. (The Chicago machine is not unknown outside the U.S.) Obama has said as much, though I can’t find the quote. (Something about don’t assume he can’t do rough politics.)"
Please.. he could not even shut Hillary off from the convention after saying that there was no need for "catharsis" but more need for energy... he ended up going for the catharsis. not a great piece of negotiaton, was it ?

To equate his wheelings and dealings with these cronies to
dealing with people like Putin misses one essential point - Putin is not obliged to do any thing for America/Obama or any one and he has his own interests to look after - unless of course Obama is willing to offer him Ukraine, Georgia as peace offerings (no American support, no NATO membership, recognition of Russian "sphere of influence" etc). His running mate Joe Biden would nt like that idea much, me thinks.

International politics is a lot more complicated as it has a number of competing interest groups and unforseeable factors and limited control over how things can shape up - Chicago political experience can only help you so far. Just my opinion.

Comment Posted By Naga On 24.08.2008 @ 17:43

Could you please explain what is the significance of Obama moving the DNC headquarters to Chicago ? Does this mean Daley and his cronies find new ..ahem.. revenue streams to enrich themselves ? not to mention they become official power brokers ?

My first thoughts when i heard the news about him shifting the HQ to Chicago was that he was doing this in part to help his crooked ally, that weasel we have for Illinois Governer - especially after his nemesis Madigan, speaker of the House was distributing material on how legislators could impeach Blagojevich.

This move probably pre-empted Madigan from doing any thing high profile/embarassing to a fellow Democrat in a year where a Chicago pol could be elected President.

But of course,it would also mean handing over the reigns of the DNC to the Daley cronies including Axelrod - so do they now get to "meet" new donors and bundlers that have not yet come in contact with Chicago machine politics ?

Awaiting your response.

Comment Posted By Naga On 24.08.2008 @ 17:33

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