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I belive the core problem that conversatives have with liberals on Supreme Court is that under liberals Americans have too many rights. Where the government gets the power to regulate private consensual sexual activity I've never been able to figure out. It's not in the Constitution at least any section I can find.

This fear of too many rights extends to even accknowdoing the existance of foreign law by the US Constution. Those damn foreigners may have figured that hooking up electrodes to priosners gentials is cruel. The US should just cover its eyes from the awful sight of respect human diginity if that respect was discovered abroard.

There's one thing I like about the argument though. Apparently, conservatives think it's fine to impeach Sumpreme Court justices if they have opinions they don't like. Since Thomas, Roberts and Alito all lied at the confirmation hearings plus spew opinions Democrats don't like, I'm sure this nuthouse and it's fellow conversatives won't complain if a future Democratic Congress impeaches those three.

Comment Posted By Monkey In Chief On 18.03.2006 @ 17:59

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