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BTW, for those who don't know it -- this is a dubbed version of a video in which the actual dialogue was about Britney Spears. Look it up to get the real acid of this version.

Comment Posted By molon labe On 9.08.2008 @ 17:32


Bill Arnold is wise to point out the likelihood that we have, directly or indirectly (i.e. in direct covert operations or by aiding Kurds or Arabs working in Iran) sought to slow down or disrupt the rush to nuclear weapons in Iran.

Bush takes a lot of heat for the state of things in Iraq. What seldom gets examined (of necessity, due to the nature of such operations) is the greatly-expanded deployment of special forces aince 9/11, much of it fostered and supported by the much-maligned Donald Rumsfeld. Iran and Iraq are pressing issues now, but Africa and Latin America (for instance) have the potential to be huge problems in the mid-term. Effective leadership looks at those issues too and on that measure this administration has done a lot of things right.

Comment Posted By Molon Labe On 14.01.2007 @ 13:34

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