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Jeesh Rick. "Wretched moral sense" A little harsh don't you think? Isn't she the one for protecting the unborn. Is that a wretched moral sense? You are taking one paragraph during an interview with a member of the proven hostile press, and making a conclusion about her morality.

Also, you believe that "a small but significant part of the conservative base" would be upset if Palin said that bombing abortion clinics was terrorism? Small? How about negligible part. As a number of other posters have suggested. The reason Palin didn't want to draw this equivalency probably has more to do with her avoiding a trap. Not that she didn't want to anger the ten people in the country who would be upset with her.

You're deluded if you think a significant part of the conservative/Republican movement condone the work of abortion clinic bombers. Do you have any statistics to back up this flawed thought? It says a lot about you that you think that a "significant" number of conservatives condone blowing up clinics/people.

You don't like her. We get it. But your arguments are weak. I really can't be bothered explaining why we are so excited about Sarah Palin.

I knew I couldn't continue to read you when you wrote your article defending Noonan. You and Peggy are like Barack, you attack the somewhat flawed reality that is life and and glorify an as yet unseen example of perfection. All Obama says is we need change. No concrete examples of what he would do differently. Likewise, you and Peggy are sure that Sarah Palin is not the answer, but I don't see any examples of someone better. Please, pick one Governor or Senator and explain why they are the ones we should pluck out of relative obscurity to save the conservative or Republican party. Peggy, George Will, National Review etc. were telling us how flawed each of our candidates was during the primaries. Great. Thanks a lot.

I'm done reading them, and you.

Comment Posted By Mike M On 25.10.2008 @ 22:24


Fred is a good guy-says the right things. But one point: If he couldn't get his campaign organized, what are the chances he will be a good executive as President? He took a couple extra months to get going and still came out of the box like a stone. Of the major Republican candidates, it seems to me he also has the weakest record. He was, I think, a two term Senator. That puts him somewhere between Obama and Hillary in terms of experience-and I think their experience is lame. No executive experience. He was a lobbyist, pretty typical for a former Senator. So I don't see how that sort of experience compares to Romney for example. Some of the things people are impressed about regarding Fred, like some of his policy papers, these are the sorts of things that Fred puts together with staff. I'm not sure they really prove anything about his abilities.

Good guy though. He might make a good vice president. He's very Chaney like. Very competent guy. Tough. Maybe too much of a thinker in this sound bite culture. Look Mitt is my guy and he suffers from some of the same problems. The press and the voters are impressed by Huckabee's one liners, not Mitt's paragraph long responses. But most people were more impressed when Fred refused to raise his hand in response to a global warming question-he wanted time to make his case. Mitt is unfairly dismissed as a flip-flopper, or here as an interloper? How is he an interloper? Do you mean he isn't a career politician He's the only one of the major guys to have had a real job outside of politics. Sorry, that's not a bug, it's a feature. I'm sick of these career politicians-McCain.

You make some great points about the press and their ridiculous prognostications and herd mentality. We have lost so much respect for some of them. Like Bill Kristol who was saying Mitt was done if he didn't win New Hampshire. Yup, Mitt might have peaked too early and Fred might be peaking too late. But don't tell us that we have to give up on these guys.

Romney-Thompson? Announce after South Carolina, but before Super Tuesday?

Comment Posted By Mike M On 13.01.2008 @ 11:56

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