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Brett Favre is a walking bronze statue of what a quarterback should be. While the Pack has lost enough talent as to be reduced to NFL Europe quality this year, Favre refuses to quit; refuses to bench himself during the fourth quarter of the game. He has said that he loves his team and fans, and wants them to know that he stands with them during bad times as well as good.

In my opinion, the best NFL game I've ever watched was the GBP at Oakland Raiders game played Monday night, December 22, 2003, just 24 hours after Favre's father unexpectedly passed away. Green Bay beat Oakland 41-7. The fierce "Raider Nation" fans in the end zone spent most of the pre-game and game cheering Favre. The game was as if God controlled the flight of the football - bringing it to Packer hands no matter the skill of the Oakland defense. Brett wrote his description of learning of his father's death, and that game, in the book "Favre", which he co-wrote with his mother Bonita Favre.

In the forward to that book, Terry Bradshaw wrote: Brett Favre is a rare, rare bird. Let me say this on the record: he is the best I've ever seen. And I've never said that about anybody. People have asked me before and I've always said there is no best. But I'll say it now. Brett Favre is the best I have seen since I started playing pro football in 1970. I have never seen another player like him. Nobody can line up with him."

While I expect to see a Bears victory tomorrow, I will watch the game just to watch Brett Favre carry his team squarely on his shoulders. We won't have him in the NFL much longer; fans everyhwere should savor every moment he plays.

Comment Posted By Michael On 3.12.2005 @ 18:10


What the left seems incapable of understanding is that this is not an attack on GB or US, but an attack on the Judeo/Christian West. Failure to act and act decisively will bring about what the Islamofacists desire most: the downfall of the Judeo/Christian West.

Nature hates a vacuum. The religious/cultural/political vacuum that would result in this downfall would suck Islam in even more rapidly than is being done even now with our PC-immigration policies.

My hope is that enough intelligent and powerfully placed people can imagine a future Islamic West. With that revolting thought in mind, maybe we can muster the courage and the will to fight them back into oblivion.

(On second thought maybe the left does understand this and wants this.)

Comment Posted By Michael On 7.07.2005 @ 13:59


Home Alone...with Michael Jackson...
Poor P'Nut boy...

Comment Posted By Michael On 6.04.2005 @ 15:03


Great post, good info ... I actually spend time wondering about Pluto (seriously), but I have to take issue with you on just one little thing: "but given how the environmentalists almost scuttled the Cassini mission over the same issue, you can bet it’s based on pretty good science." To call that statement an oxymoron would not be completely accurate, but environmentalists seem to rely on politics and trumped up fears more than science. They preach the "precautionary principle" as their guiding light, which is that they vehemently oppose anything with even the remotest chance of being harmful whether the science on it is any good at all.

Comment Posted By Michael On 1.04.2005 @ 01:08


Whatever the MSM is putting out should no longer be considered "conventional wisdom."

Comment Posted By Michael On 28.03.2005 @ 20:41


Of course they handcuffed him. You never know what that kid might have tried. He could've offered one of the police a glass of water and denied him a euphoric death by dehydration. Plus, they need to scare the snot out of him. Can't have him growing up in his current path. Being seen wearing that t-shirt while standing next to a police officer is a violation of the separation of church and state!

Comment Posted By Michael On 25.03.2005 @ 19:03

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