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I am not in the league of thinkers that usually post comments here but something seems to be missing here in the "flypaper" argument. Feel free to tell me where I am going wrong here.

It is my opinion that the Bush administration thought this out more than they are given credit for. Mistakes, sure they have made them. But not in the initial planning. This is why:

It is immediatly appearant that you can't fight this enemy without a battleground. Options: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran.

Our biggest problem is Iran. So why aren't we in Iran? Look at a map. By taking care of Afghanastan and Iraq first we have surrounded Iran.

Granted, Iraq is not going as well as hoped or expected, but it is crucial.

Listen, I don't care what reasons are given for going into Iraq. He is CIC and has a war to run. He knows way more about it than I, has the intellegence to back it up and I see no reason to second guess.

There are many things he cannot say because of international and domestic politics, political correctness, security, strategy etc. and there is probably a bit of disinformation involved as well.

Am I entirely happy with the way things are going? No. I would like a much more "aggressive" approach.
Do I abandon him because of it? NO.

Comment Posted By Marv Loopstra On 21.08.2005 @ 09:57


During WW2 propaganda helped keep morale up. There is almost no propaganda today unless it comes from those on the left. We are continually bombarded by why we should not be there and virtually nothing as to why we should be.

It is correct that the anti-war left feeds the perception in the Middle east of a war entered into by a lie. I am sure that the Middle east would feel that way regardless of what the left says.
But I am equally sure that the left feeds the insurgency's will to fight and kill our soldiers just as much.

During Vietnam, the North Vietnamese indirectly funded several anti-war groups and events believing that they could win politically if they held out long enough. They were correct. They saw the anti-war machine taking its toll and was able to hold on, strenghened by the news from the home front of their enemy, for the eventual victory.

The "insurgents" (our islamofacist enemy)and their unwitting accomplises on the left have learned well from history.
Just as during Vietnam, the left (I was one of them then) is defeating us here at home.

But this time the war in Iraq is a battle in a larger war and this time the consequenses of losing that battle are much more serious to our way of life than was the fall of Vietnam. We are not isolated from those consequenses.

The left sees this myopically, focused on only Iraq. They refuse to see Iraq in the light of the whole picture of what is going on around us, worldwide. As long as the left wins in this battle, the U.S.and western civilization looses.

Comment Posted By Marv Loopstra On 13.08.2005 @ 09:31


"In particular, there are now few, if any, limits to what conservative politicians can get away with: the faithful will follow the twists and turns of the party line with a loyalty that would have pleased the Comintern"......oh, yeah, like that President who lied to a Grand Jury and got away with it because he was able to "rally" (more like intimidate)his support from the party who, in total lockstep, ignored the truth that President Clinton was a liar and a criminal. Critics of Clinton were few and far between on the left.
Looks to me as though he not only has a liver ailment but he also suffer from Political Myopia.

Comment Posted By Marv Loopstra On 15.07.2005 @ 08:28


"The growth of paperless voting machines along with partisan election maneuvering has made recent election results highly dubious. Fact. (and by the way, how further are we in the fight to get paper trail voting? .... thought so. Fraudsters were told to “Go away. We have plenty of time. Nothin to see in Ohio. Move along.”)"
Hmmm...too much fun here:
1) "The growth of paperless voting machines": It was the dems that couldn't handle paper ballots.Better be careful what they ask for, they might get it. Then what would they do when the paper traces them back to a dead person?
2) "partisan election maneuvering": elections are, by definition, PARTISAN.
3) "(and by the way, how further are we in the fight to get paper trail voting?": Years ago we used to have ballots that were pretty simple to use. You punched out a hole next to the name of the person you wanted to vote for. The ballot came with a numbered receipt that matched the numbered ballot. If it's too difficult to use, as a Republican.
4) "Nothin to see in Ohio. Move along.”): Plenty to see in Washington and Missouri though, where people ARE going to jail for voter fraud.....all DEMOCRATS!
I don't believe these people....

Comment Posted By Marv Loopstra On 9.07.2005 @ 09:57


I, too, grew up during that same time in the L.A. area,possibly a bit earlier, and had very similar experiences as Rick. My brother went to Vietnam, I did not.

Now, my #3 kid (#2 son) came to his mother in St. Louis a couple of years ago and told her that he wanted to join the military when he got out of high school. A few weeks later a Marine recruiter visited me at my work in California and we discussed Warren's induction, the war, and Warren's choices.

Warren and I had several conversations around the fact that, Afghanistan, Iraq or somewhere else, the fighting would probably continue for several years. It was not going to go away before he joined.

Although he didn't say it outright (patriotism not being one of those things most kids his age feel comfortable discussing with their father), I am sure that 911 had much to do with his choice. He knew the risks and the consequences when he went in, he still knows them.

Warren is expecting to be deployed, probably to Iraq, by the end of the year.

I don't WANT him to go but he does. We both know that he NEEDS to go.

In this time of national trouble and danger, I couldn't be more proud of my son, the Marine, who decided to defend his country rather than complain and whine about it.

Now my daughter, Lindsey, is making plans to join the Air Force.

I wish I had been more like them when I was their age.

Comment Posted By Marv Loopstra On 22.06.2005 @ 09:19

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