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I agree whole-heartedly with your article; however, you have to add most of the Republicans to the mix of goo. It's not quite the same mixture, but surely as spineless. I am a registered Independent, but have supported the Republicans for the last 5 years because...Do I really need to explain? Anyway, the vote on Alito has been pushed back at least 3 weeks now. That is insane, as it is clear this judge has a strict 'original' judicial philosophy that can be (but wasn't) clearly understood by his 15 year paper trail. I believe this judge is to date, the most qualified with the largest paper trail ever to be nominated to the Supreme Court. But please, bring on the fillibuster, the best thing that could happen to this Senate is to have the Dems talk for 36 hours! I'm thinking of becomeing a comedian, as the amount of material that would be generated......Priceless.

Comment Posted By Mark_for_Senate On 28.01.2006 @ 10:01

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