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MSM loves to stir the "Racist" smear frenzy. But there's hope because the Obamasiah has declared that THIS is the moment. And while we can't quite confirm that the oceans stopped rising, all of us can move our minds to the "post-modern" "post-racial" age and treat the smear as a desperate and pathetic tactic worthy of a soon to be discredited clan of inbred, stone age neanderthals.

[pausing for the healing moment]

There, the white guilt has been lifted from my shoulders. Inoculated and free at last. And about time too. The last time I checked, my Latino American friends were quite pleased and proud of their country and required no reparations for grievances. Same for my Asian American friends.

One more thing we have in common is a mutual disdain for the "you owe me forever" posture of the Jeremiah Wright/Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton communities. Have these groups noticed that they repel virtually all the other ethnic communities?

I'm guilt-free and loving it!

Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 5.08.2008 @ 17:05


So you (like so many others) want a pussy for President? A fur ball must be cutting off Rick's oxygen supply.

Snowball may be a cat but she ain't no pussy. Squirrels, rabbits, moles, chipmunks, and mice have found that out the hard way.


Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 30.07.2008 @ 10:00



McCain is the nominee because he's a sound second choice. He plodded along paying 10 little indians, and he was the last man standing.

B.O. is the nominee because he is change, and he makes history. Hillary as president makes history, but too much baggage kept her from getting over the top.

The moderates in the middle take their cues from the MSM. B.O. has all the sizzle because he pushes the presidency through the color barrier. If he flames out, then Mac is a fine SECOND choice, but B.O.s gaffes don't stir enough media attention to hurt him, so don't bet on a flame out. has a great post on the prospects of a Carly Fiorina pick as V.P. This choice is very smart, because it gives voters someone new and capable(not the bland vanilla Kay Hutchinson), and it gives voters an alternative way to make history. Carly is a great foil to Obama, B.O. really should be in the V.P. slot too, given his experience. Voting Mac/Carly changes history, and keeps the change more in proportion. It's the safer way to make history.

Mark Groves

Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 23.07.2008 @ 15:53

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