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I beg to differ. When I faced the world as a college graduate in 1982, I really was standing on the shoulders of my father and grandfathers aspiring to greater heights than they did. As my son approaches his graduation from college, college costs a lot more, housing is at least 300% more, but compensation growth is tiny in comparison, social security will rely on his contributions to support not a fraction of a current retiree's needs but 100% of those needs, and his share of the US national debt may exceed what he'll make in a lifetime. The CHANGE has already occurred, and its an embarrassment that America offers less to this generation than it did to previous ones. We've mortgaged and plundered this generation's future, and a victory for the left will signal them to accelerate the plunder.

Comment Posted By mark30339 On 3.11.2008 @ 12:36


GE/NBC stands to profit big time if power plants have to buy the carbon credits GE scarfed up. Al Gore does too. What's the over/under on how much an Obama "blind" trust makes on its carbon credit investments? Maybe it's a structured like Hillary's cattle futures. Maybe its structured like Bill Clinton's long term speaking and appearance fees. Maybe its dings on all those unverified credit cards -- who can say whether the Obama campaign is the only merchant ringing up charges there. I wonder how many AUDACITY ebooks have been charged on those cards. As Rick says, these guys are good at covering tracks, and the MSM will never masquerade as CSI. The blogosphere better put on a Superman cape and come to America's rescue.

Comment Posted By mark30339 On 2.11.2008 @ 11:48


In contracts, anticipatory breach is an established concept. So now bloggers on the right are engaging in anticipatory hand wringing, perhaps to scoop others who will wait to see the results and see what the demographics on men, women, latinos, catholics, gays, and owners of cats named Snowball reveal.

I think the post is early; I am intrigued about the notion of more coordinated blogging, I loved the Kos convention insight, I'd like more discussion on how the left stepped up its game from faked memos to convincing America we lost the war -- but let's just live in the moment for the next week.

Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 30.10.2008 @ 09:40


All this because you didn't get on a political survey distribution list? Sounds like Rick is forming up the GOP circular firing squad just in case the election turns out like it's being predicted in the polls.

Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 28.10.2008 @ 20:29


Uhbama actually said that he's available if he can help. So, this economy urgency must be above his pay grade, unless someone with a higher pay grade calls and asks him to contribute. Gee, if the leader of the party and would-be President doesn't think he can deliver his party to put the country first, maybe we should consider him the shouldn't-be President. Can't you just see him praying that he can vote "present" on this one?

Rick's too smug - McCain is McBrilliant on this.

Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 25.09.2008 @ 09:53


So is this the Luddite stage of denial? Is Rick smugly celebrating his uninformed state and refusing to advance? Is learning just too far above this blogger's pay grade? Snap out of it and educate yourself! Start with Robert Samuelson on Dennis Pragger at (fast forward a bit until you get to the interview)

I am as well informed as reading dozens of articles from excellent authors like Prager and Samuelson can make me. I have no claim to expertise beyond that. And unless you've worked for the Fed or the Treasury in some capacity that would make you privy to information beyond what has been in the MSM, shut the fuck up and stop lecturing.

Anyone who thinks they have all the answers - can say definitively how we have arrived at our current crisis and whose fault it is - is an arrogant prick. I would prefer a little humility rather than the swaggering braggadocio of morons like you.


Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 25.09.2008 @ 07:19



Rick wrote in jest: "I discriminate ruthlessly against people with red hair" and to continue the fun, I declared him to have imbalanced discrimination. With regard to FRC however, he's being enormously provocative in his dismissing of the group, which is his right -- and he backs it up with reasoning that cries out for debate. It's too easy for Rick to take pot shots at the FRC stand on homosexual relationships, so maybe he should state the enlightened policy that he implies should be in its place. The main issue for me is that 80% of the people in any society don't concern themselves with the making of rules, they just want clarity as to what the rules are and will adjust behavior accordingly. When the announced legal policy on marriage is that anything goes, then the entire next generation will be inclined to not bother learning or passing on the time tested expectations for husband, wife, mother and father. See for example "No Nordic Bliss by Stanley Kurtz at

Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 14.09.2008 @ 19:40

Even though most of my Irish Catholic red hair is now gray, I will resist being offending by Rick's imbalanced discrimination. I do need Rick to disclose what view would he suggest Christians to have concerning gay love, gay rights and gay marriage.
All of civilization has chosen to cultivate, support and prefer the traditional family unit of a man joined in marriage to a woman, who together raise their children. If an adult prefers the company of other adults of the same sex, that's his/her business, and he/she is free to share property and income by private contract to support that arrangement. Society's preference to support the traditional family unit and traditional family dependents, to the exclusion of non-traditional ones, is a sound choice.
The "me too" pleas of non-traditional units for "equality" in the "right" to enjoy marriage are drama-filled, but do not justify confusing our long standing cues on husband and wife, mother and father. People need to know what the rules are, and for a small but vocal segment of people, we are substituting sound clarity for thorough confusion. We will definitely regret this experiment in heterosexual guilt.

Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 14.09.2008 @ 13:38


Lots of blogs wrote about this low hanging fruit, but Rick's creative take was by far the most enjoyable. RWNH is moving up on my favorites list.

Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 13.09.2008 @ 15:30


It's great to get some local Chicago perspective on Obama politics. The Daleys were heavily into Gore2000. If Obama gets over the top, how will the Chicago machine manifest itself in the Obama administration?

Comment Posted By Mark30339 On 26.08.2008 @ 10:22

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