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Thank you, Rick.

The for-profit media has trained us all too well to approach each issue from one of two preformulated stances.

Your article on RWNH is not only proof the internet provides a functioning alternative for more independent thought, it is itself an example of what needs to be defended.

It's no wonder the telecoms want to control the internet. -Marketing to a diverse culture is complex and not cost effective.

GoogleAds allows for such a diverse marketplace and diminishes the relevance of conglomerate advertising agencies.

Comment Posted By Mark On 27.04.2006 @ 12:02


#16 - Sue

Since there is a total curfew in effect, there shouldn't be any civilian traffic on the roads, and most official cars would travel in small convoys and sport some sort of flashing light, even if it was just a yellow warning light. In that case, an automated satellite search could be set up to locate any lone moving car not flashing some sort of visual signal.

But having said that, I'd be willing to bet that in a city the size of L.A. there would probably be at least 50,000 people drunk enough or on drugs late at night who wouldn't give a rat's ass about obeying a curfew if they even knew it was in effect. So your question about how they found Audrey's car so fast still stands unanswered.

We'll probably have to settle for the usual "geek magic".

And I agree, it was a great show last night. This season is sizzling along very well.

Comment Posted By Mark On 12.04.2006 @ 22:53


I believe on the preview Bill tells President "Weasel" that CTU has lost 40% of its staff, which should calculate out to more than just 14 people. How many employees had shown up for their shift at that point?

Comment Posted By Mark On 7.03.2006 @ 10:30


The notion that it's too early to treat 9/11 as "history" is, perhaps, true, but that does not mean we just wait for its historical signficance to be determined by some analyst in the future. The record we create now will add to and help determine the accuracy of that future analysis. God help us all if we had to rely on just the NY Times for that record.

I think, though, that the significance of 9/11 will not be by way of any comparison to Pearl Harbor or of the war on terror to World War II. Instead, I think the significance will be that the erosion of the power of the executive branch of government, begun by Watergate, will have finally reversed. We finally have a president who, after being confronted by a congressional desire to control the president through an act of congress (FISA) simply said, "No." I don't think this would have been possible in a pre-9/11 world.

Comment Posted By Mark On 29.01.2006 @ 16:19


Nixonian? I always thought Jellyfish was more "Carter-esque". Even with Nixon's faults, you can't say he was weak on domestic security. But I can perfectly image Carter in this spineless role.

Comment Posted By Mark On 16.01.2006 @ 16:17


I wish for all in the New Year a decent dialog where we can each agree to disagree. Where we respect each other enough to listen and work together to make this country a shining example of man’s tolerance, ingenuity, and strength.

God bless the troops and Merry Christmas!

Comment Posted By Mark On 23.12.2005 @ 11:14

Sly Robbie:
Your version with W at the helm would go more like this:

George Baily after taking over the Building & Loan quickly runs it into the ground. His brother also gets into the money business for a little monkey business on a Savings & Loan. That failure costs over a billion dollars forcing a Government bail-out.

Soon Geroge has a new plan to bring in a baseball stadium to Bedford Falls. If the city picks up the tab he stands to gain millions.

But the war comes first and George does duty at home. He's all right in the beginning but soon loses interest and runs off to another state.

George changes professions and finds his true calling selling used cars in San Fernando Valley California. He's still selling them now.They say he's the best at selling old tired lemons. Surprising what a warm smile and a handshake wll get you.

Comment Posted By Mark On 23.12.2005 @ 03:08

Right Sly Robbie. George sound like a liberal to me, God fearing, decent, and ready to help with assistance for the less fortunate . And you know everytime a bell rings a liberal gets his wings

Comment Posted By Mark On 23.12.2005 @ 01:50

First on my list is a copy of the US Constitution for W. He surely is in need of one. Second up the DVD "It's a Wonderful Life" for Chenney. Clearly the movie has a message of what happens when the liberal, George Bailey, does not exist and the conservative, Mr.Potter ruins the town, sounds familiar.

Comment Posted By Mark On 22.12.2005 @ 16:34


Well Tookie will be the best kind of murderer soon....A DEAD ONE!!! GET THE NEEDLE FLOWING!!!

Comment Posted By Mark On 13.12.2005 @ 00:37

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