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1. Thank you for your service.

2. your right, we should use the opportunity to clean house, especially for republicans that won't stop the pork and/or voted for the bailout instead of holding out for a better deal.

3. The 'warrantless wiretapping' is a bum rap. No warrantless domestic wiretapping has been proven to have occurred. (And it would be illegal, but you could make an argument that it would be permissible if it was not used as evidence). Wiretapping of international calls has always fallen outside of the 4th amendment for the same reason that a border guard can dismantle your car on a whim while a traffic cop can't open your trunk without getting your permission. This has been done for decades. Any other conclusion would assume that you have a constitutional right of privacy to call a terrorist in Pakistan, or the right to smuggle drugs into the U.S. if you make it to the American border.

4. The last budget crossed the $3T mark. (that's 21 cents of every dollar in the GDP), and we just committed to growing it by nearly 2 Trillion in bailouts, including $150B in pork to pass the 700B bailout. Obama promises that "this is just the start", and his proposed spending is estimated to range from 800 to 1T in new spending. He will attempt to create a mandatory health insurance program that (like Fannie/Freddie), will end up driving the industry into a nationalized health insurance. I don't see how that gets dismantled until it causes a financial disaster on the level of Medicare/Social Security.

McCain suggests (and with the present economic outlook would have the political mandate) to freeze government spending and eliminate the corrupting influence of earmarks (if this stuff sounds small fry, consider that Obama, a JR. senator, has rang up nearly a 1 billion in earmarks in 4 years. Multiplying by 100 (ignoring the House) gets you 1/10th of a Trillion in largely unnecessary spending) McCain has never taken a single earmark. yes, he has incoherent economic ideas, but shouldn't his generally good behavior be rewarded?

Comment Posted By Mark M. On 15.10.2008 @ 00:28

If only. We'll just take out a few local GPS satellites and watch your eastern "army" get lost somewhere in N.E. while your western army occupies the Donner pass. Then we'll scratch our heads, look again at the map of red & blue states, and wonder where you think your food, gas, & ammo comes from. Maybe you can best us at Wii DDR?


My opinion:
A target rich environment is hard to defend. I think the key is to ridicule and destroy the credibility of the apparatchiks in the media that perpetuated this fraud and to target their corrupt pals in the congress by educating the morons who are happily pulling the lever for the people that just cost them their 401k . I nominate making Frank's gay lover target numero uno.

Even if we fail, the coming $50T tsunami of socialist ponzi schemes will be 'comingg.... hoooooome..... 2rooooOST!' in 15 to 20 years.

THAT will be impossible to hide (or spin). [Unlike Frank's ideological successors, who I expect will be found spinning slowly from every available lampost.]

Comment Posted By Mark M. On 14.10.2008 @ 22:55

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