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The worst part about accelerating time is when you find cans of stuff in the kitchen cabinet that expired 2-3 years prior, yet you remember buying them "yesterday."

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 1.01.2009 @ 00:46


While I'd love to see you start the recaps again Rick, it won't be a show stopper if you don't.

Play it week by week, I had the distinct impression that you loved doing them, if that passion comes forth this new season, go for it! If not, a few quick notes with fill-in material by the readers in the comments will be enjoyable too.

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 22.12.2008 @ 21:45


I dunno, we'll see on Tuesday (or early morning Wednesday, not beyond I hope), but I recall the same conversations going on in '04 right up to the point where one of Kerry's advisors called him (based on the exit polls) to say Congratulations President-Elect Kerry.

We'll, America, muddle through it one way or another, but in the short-term an "O" win makes me more than considerably nervous for our security in the interim.

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 29.10.2008 @ 17:48


funny man, I've long felt that the lunatic left fringe (that I used to believe made up about 5% of the left here in the USA, but is probably up to 10% or more now) are the ones so concerned about our "reputation and/or standing" in the world.

Further I think that who our own left are really worried about are their own lefty counterparts in Europe as opposed to that population in general -- who obviously like us as rule, as witnessed by so many of them trying like hell to get here.

My question to you is, do you feel that that fringe element over there, that our own fringe is trying to please, is similarly miniscule (though certainly more vocal and given more voice by the media than other points of view) to their numbers here, or are they more or less prevalent?

Because, for me, I consider the hate of that fringe to be an indication that we're still seeking freedom and liberty in a way that annoys them. A feature, in other words, not a fault.

The longer term problem, in my view, is if we become what our own left wants, no one will want to come here anymore as there'd be no point in it. What a sad world it will be indeed if the USA folds to fringe pressure.

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 28.09.2008 @ 21:16


"...thus making me a persona non grata among most of the right on this issue."

Perhaps on this issue, to a degree Rick, but I don't think any rational people would consider you so in general. I think, indeed, that most would respect your right to disagree if they believed in the basis for same.

I do think though, that you weave/believe a lot of input into your thoughts from sources you would not usually take for granted into your position on this issue. I happen to think you do that to great a degree because of what you've decided is torture from the get go (and I disagree with your characterization of what is torture at that).

But keep putting your thoughts forth, you'll never lose me as a reader because of the few times we disagree; nor even if we happened to oft disagree -- you present your thoughts well and always have.

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 3.08.2008 @ 20:21


Back in the 60s we had to choose from a list of after school activities to be attended once a week. I wasn't real big on staying later than last bell, but it was required, so I chose "Armchair Sportsman."

The teacher had reels and reels of "old" (I say "old" because they weren't really that old back then) boxing matches by the masters.

It was illuminating, though I don't think I fully absorbed it at the time, in that it brought me to the mind-set that I liked individual achievement over team efforts. i.e. No excuses, no blame, you do it or you don't.

Boxing is in somewhat of an identity crisis right now, one it may never recover from, but yesterday's 18 hole playoff leading to a secondary sudden death round, was probably the best example of individual will and achievement that any of us will ever see, that anyone will ever see ever.

I appreciate, very much, being able to see it live.

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 17.06.2008 @ 22:19


"McCain uses conservatives by using the fear factor, that is, vote for me or you will get Obama."

You may think he's using conservatives, and he may think he is as well, but I can assure you that that is a fantasy.

He'll not get this conservative vote, and if he keeps going on with liberal rhetoric as he has been of late, this conservative may close his eyes and pull the lever for Obama -- in order to forestall the blame for the upcoming disaster that would've been cast upon the GOP when McCain does exactly what Obama would do anyway...

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 23.05.2008 @ 23:28


Increase Mather Said: "He [McCain] ...nearly twice became a Democrat"

Eh, you'll find no love for McCain here (he is RINO personified in my eyes), but parroting the "nearly twice" MSM line of BS is not plausible, unless, of course, you have ironclad evidence of that slur by same MSM?

If not, why repeat it?

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 26.04.2008 @ 21:28


Edward Cropper says, "Conservatives are losing or have lost influence, and party enthusiasm is practically non existent. It is times like this that people like McCain are most acceptable."

Just the opposite actually. Supporting McCain when you're already marginalized is simply throwing in the towel. The only way the establishment RINOs will be stymied in their influence against conservatism is to throw their preferred candidate under the bus -- as often as it takes (and it won't take long with what we'll get with the D's in charge all around).

If McCain or Huckabee are the nominee, I'll not vote for them -- I'm not quite to the "pulling a Dem lever" yet, but November is a long way off still. Indeed, as I think about it, a 70% plus win by the Dems would just about run the RINOs out on a rail for good.

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 20.01.2008 @ 22:27


I'm sure I'd spend 5 minutes writing a scathing letter to the CEO of Tropicana; then 45 minutes more editing it into a readable, profanity-free version and mail it off snail mail.

Just the lack of hot water would be cause for my writing, the rest adds insult to injury. I'm sure they have a "Trop" in Reno as well, so at the very least they'll send you a comped stay there or at another location.

Comment Posted By Mark H. On 12.11.2007 @ 18:21

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