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Speculation is valid.

First we are told that no calls are being investigated without a warrant, then no domestic calls are being investigated without a warrant, now the story is that ALL calls are being logged and no one needs a warrant. This trail of lies indicates that the administration KNOWS this is wrong -- otherwise, why lie about it? Since not even the Congress has been allowed the facts, speculation is all any of us outside the administration have -- and they are not going to investigate themselves.

At the very least: a pattern of lies points to some kind of guilt; a pattern of unwillingness to abide by the Constitituion shows tendency toward totalitarianism. Some may trust Bush will be a benevolent dictator, but they should realize that by dismissing the Constitution he's opened the door for someone else to do worse -- someone who may not like you, or just may not care if your life is destroyed in their progress to more power.

Let's get back to conservative priniciples: less government, not more.

Comment Posted By Marc Thomson On 16.05.2006 @ 12:24

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