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I agree with Mike.

Palin is too good-looking, she's pro-choice, she's got a stud-looking husband, etc. etc.

The hostile feminists won't see much in her but their own envy.

Comment Posted By MaggieMalone On 29.08.2008 @ 16:52

It's interesting that you think Obama did well the speech.

The Jewish anti-american hate site littlegreenfootballs has been criticizing Pat Buchanan for also making analytical remarks.

You should see some of the hate in the comments section. It's amazing the LGF people actually think they are conservatives, when they are leftists and trotskyists. Others there are such full blown zionist racists, it makes one wonder why they bother to live in the United States of America where this kind of stuff is not what we stand for.

Comment Posted By MaggieMalone On 29.08.2008 @ 16:45

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