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If you knock a bottle over, what is inside comes running out. Adverse circumstances reveal the internal character of people. People keep saying we are 'paying the piper' either for environmental oversights, or for failure to anticipate and solve the problems in the New Oleans levee system. I say we are 'paying the piper' for a long and gradual moral meltdown. Fifty years ago this kind of looting, violence and ugliness would not have happened under the same circumstances. The Ten Commandments have disappeared for our schools and courthouses. Parents and grandparents have stopped teaching their children that there is right and wrong behaviour. They have stopped teaching respect for people and property. Fifty years ago people, whether religious or not, saw themselves as responsible for their actions and answerable to a higher authority. If you see yourself as an animal, driven only by physical needs and instincts, why not steal what you want? Why not kill somebody when you get mad? Why should you not do anything that pleases you? After all, don't we each determine what's right for me? There is no answer to that outside of a picture that includes a God to whom man is answerable. Our culture and society have sown the wind and reaped the whirlwind. God, morals and right and wrong have been removed from our society as a whole, and it can only be put back one person at a time.

Comment Posted By Luanne On 31.08.2005 @ 20:00

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