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If you look at the this blog you will find that he has been sniffing Obama's jock for quite a long time. He certainly has a love of "steely pecs" and asinine speeches as a form of leadership.

Rick, you upset you haven't gotten your invite to fly with Barry to one of his staged rallies where the ACORN and Union participants get paid with your money to scream for more goodies from this spend-a-holic disaster?

Comment Posted By LogicalUS On 28.02.2009 @ 23:51

Of course, these rallies are amateur in nature,Mr. High and Mighty Moran. Unlike Obama and his ACORN pals on the left our Congressmen have NOT been appropriating billions of taxpayer money over the past decades to fund left-wing activist groups.

It would seem unsavory to steal the money of taxpayers to hire professional protestors or promote a political agenda.

Or were you not aware that Planned Parenthood, ACORN and the Unions get huge amounts of pork from every Liberal for just that purpose.

A reckoning is swelling within the silent majority and the Left are going to be shocked when the wave crashes.

I say to my leftist "intellectuals" that there is a very old saying which you should have heeded. "Let a sleeping dog lie"

Comment Posted By LogicalUS On 28.02.2009 @ 23:17


It is starting to get even to the news, though some are still carrying the bucket.

On Regis this morning Katie Curric was withering in trying to explain how the most "smartiest" man alive was making so many mistakes. The excuses were flying fast and furious but finally she had nothing and ended with:

"He is so calm and cool. So confident" Bahahahahaha!

Comment Posted By LogicalUS On 4.02.2009 @ 09:13


I have worked with people of all hues with no thoughts to race during my many years of business and baseball play.

But if it takes being labelled a racist for keeping this empty-suit moron from becoming our President, I will wear the label proudly!

Comment Posted By LogicalUS On 4.08.2008 @ 09:49

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