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"he [Romney] even studied and signed into law a health care system"

Said system is failing miserably.

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 9.07.2009 @ 11:56


The last time Congress passed spending legislation like the kind they're passing now was LBJ's "Great Society". Most of those spending obligations are still with us. Just how many times do you think Congress can ratchet up up spending before we collapse? The damage done in the next two years may be fatal.

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 4.07.2009 @ 23:23


"either is uninformed or it is appalling"

False dichotomy. Why can't it be both?

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 1.07.2009 @ 07:40


(US) Soccer/(Everywhere else) football is popular outside the US because here is the list of equipment you need to play the game.

1. ball
2. feet (bare if made necessary by impoverishment)

Even baseball is comparatively expensive. If everyone else could afford to field a high-school US football team, they would.

The sport of the future in the US is lacrosse. Hits like football, continuous play like soccer, higher scoring than soccer (and a 9-5 lead is not insurmountable even with one quarter to go), and you don't have to be a genetic freak to be a good player.

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 29.06.2009 @ 16:03


Read the link. Not at all straightforward.

With the enactment of the federal water pollution control amendments of 1972 (more commonly known as the CWA), the federal government adopted a very aggressive stance towards the problem of water pollution. Broadly speaking, the CWA essentially eliminates the discharge of any pollutants into the nation’s waters without a permit. Section 404 of the CWA makes illegal the discharging of dredge or fill material into the “navigable waters of the United States” without obtaining a permit from the Secretary of the Army acting through the Corps of Engineers (COE). Until 1975, the Corps construed the term “navigable waters” to mean waters that were actually navigable. In accordance with regulations promulgated in 1975, however, the Corps expanded its jurisdiction to “other waters” of the United States, including streams, wetlands, playa lakes, and natural ponds if the use, degradation or destruction of those areas could affect interstate commerce. A series of court decisions beginning in the mid-1970s also contributed to the COE’s increasing jurisdiction over wetlands. Indeed, in 1983 one federal court held that the term “discharge” may reasonably be understood to include “redeposit” and concluded that the term “discharge” covered the redepositing of soil taken from wetlands such as occurs during mechanized land clearing activities. Furthermore, since 1975, the COE and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have defined “waters of the United States” such that the agencies assert regulatory authority over isolated wetlands or wetlands not adjacent to “waters of the United States” if a link exists between the water body and interstate commerce. This interpretation has been upheld judicially.

Which is why they claim authority of a puddle in a farmer's field.

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 8.05.2009 @ 10:44

This is my (least?) favorite abuse of the Commerce Clause

The migratory bird rule. In 1985, an EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] internal memorandum concluded that CWA [Clean Water Act]jurisdiction could be extended to include isolated wetlands that were or could be used by migratory birds or endangered species. In 1986, the COE [Corps of Engineers]issued memoranda to its districts explaining that the use of waters by migratory birds could support the CWA’s jurisdiction. In 1993, the United States State Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit agreed, holding that isolated wetlands actually used by migratory birds presented a sufficient connection to interstate commerce to give the EPA and the COE jurisdiction under the CWA.

Got it? Migratory birds conduct interstate commerce.

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 8.05.2009 @ 09:22

SCOTUS says: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.
Yeah, it would be cuh-ray-zee to suspect the Party of the South (formerly the GOP,) the party that (for a while) achieved majority by overt and later covert race-baiting, the party that still contains within its ranks virtually every person who answers in the negative when asked, “would you vote for a black man,” the all-white, all-anglo, all-straight party of having, shall we say, obscured motives.

Someone needs to review his history. Bull Conner and his friends were all Democrats. There are still plenty left.

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 8.05.2009 @ 08:24


Truthers?” The former doesn’t believe Obama is eligible to be president because he hasn’t released a “birth certificate” stating he is a “natural born citizen.”

I have a very simple factual question to which no one knows the answer: In what hospital was Obama born?

Second question: Why has Obama spent tons of money on lawyers to keep anyone from finding out?

Meanwhile, I do have access to George Bush's National Guard dental record from Alabama in 1972.

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 7.05.2009 @ 07:18


It all comes down to who feels the pain.

How many Americans have to die to satisfy your delicate sensibilities?

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 28.04.2009 @ 16:38


How many Americans have to die to satisfy your delicate sensibilities?

I'm sure John McCain would have loved to get by with only what happened to KSM.

McCain -> permanently physically debilitated
KSM -> not so much
Daniel Pearl (RIP) -> sans head via sword wielded by KSM

Guess who I think was tortured and who was not?

Comment Posted By Locomotive Breath On 27.04.2009 @ 06:51

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