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What the good sergeant did was not against any law and was probably not against regulations, despite what many of you may think: He was not at the event as a speaker. He was not on the agenda, not on stage, nor did he purport to represent the military in any official capacity. He has a right to ask questions or discuss politics in any clothing he wishes.
I find it typical of the Left that they want to supress the votes/words of those who serve in the military (unlessthose votes or words support the Left's contentions), yet claim to 'support' the troops. Liberalism = fascism in modern American politics.

Comment Posted By livermoron On 6.08.2007 @ 13:29


Eric evinces a real lack of knowledge about local, state and federal responsibilities. He is also embarrassingly bereft of a basic understanding of how federal authority may be used. It is also evident that Eric was never in the military as every soldier, sailor, airman and marine who graduates basic training learns that members of the Armed Services are expressly forbidden to engage in any law enforcement activites. They cannot in any way attempt to assist LE resources in any capacity. This is the Posse Comitatus Act of 1870. So Federal auturities can't just jump in and take over.
The basic facts are:
- Bush personally implores Mayor Nagin to evacuate the city 48 hours before K hit town.
- THe NO official disater plan requires the Mayor to evacuate the city 72 hours in advance of the hurricane...yet it took a call from the Pres to get him to act.
- The Pres declared it a disater area BEFORE the storm hit
- FEMA's own protocols stipulate that local authorities need to be prepared for a 48-72 delay before Federal resources arrive. It is expected that the local PDs and FDs will provide first responder support and not engage in looting or just walk away.
- The leveee broke Monday. Fed resources were there Tuesday.
- Why didn't NO have plans and training to deal with all the elderly, medication-dependent and handicapped folks? Why were the buses not used? This is local responsibility.
- Why didn't the Governor mobilize the LANG faster?
- Why is MS, where the brunt of the storm hit and did terrible damage under much better control? Same federal response, different state and local responses.

Eric, like so many of your ilk you use ignorance to support your arguements.

Comment Posted By Livermoron On 6.09.2005 @ 11:07

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