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Rick, buddy, one more thing, if you think I live to go on TV you are doing some sort of wonderful mind altering drugs. Frankly, TV is a waste of time. I learned in November 2002 that predicting that going to war in Iraq would be a diversion in the war on terrorsim got Rupert Murdoch's dander up and he ordered his minions to stop using me. Fine by me.
Obviously you envy your brother and imagine that if only you could get on the tube folks would recognize your brilliance. Good luck. I'll be happy to forward your name and contact info to some bookers. I've learned to follow Nancy Reagan's advice and, usually, I just say no.

Comment Posted By Larry Johnson On 31.05.2007 @ 01:27

Ah, Mr. Moran. Ouch! Boy, you certainly deliver a smackdown. We at least agree on one thing--outing a clandestine CIA officer is wrong. If principled conservatives had held to that and fought for that principle we would be on the same side.
Unlike crazies like Tom Maguire, Byron York, Cliff May, Vicky Toensing, I admit that the info from Jason Leopold and Marc Ash was wrong. See, try this on for size, when I'm wrong I admit it. No excuses. No trying to explain it away.
But I challenge you to look at the 800 plus posts I've put up over the last two years. I get it right most of the time. Just last week the rightwing extremists went on a rampage about the memo I posted from the US mission in Iraq. Whoops! turns out I was right.
I supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton. I apply the same standard to the Bush Administration. I think lying us into war is at least as serious as lying about a blow job from an intern. If so-called conservatives can't admit that fact then they are not true conservatives--i.e., interested in truth. Merely partisan hacks.
Thanks for the plug.

Comment Posted By Larry Johnson On 31.05.2007 @ 01:19


Hey boneheads,
I actually spoke with Admiral Inman. He said he was misquoted (Gee, what a surprise, the NRO can't get its story straight). He's disgusted by the attacks on Valerie Plame. You guys only got one thing right, Admiral Inman is a class act.

Comment Posted By Larry Johnson On 29.07.2005 @ 01:20

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