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Wonderful column! I have been thinking the same thing for days and wondering when someone would have the courage to bring this up. And where is Sean Penn on his skis to go search and save people? Where are all the "stars" moaning, and the TV people? It's just like all the other recent natural disasters where mostly white people lost everything - little to no help, and no protests. I have not heard one word from Obama about this disaster. I guess he has no compassion, and feels they can cling to their guns and religion to get through this. I have not even heard a plea for donations and I would give to this one. Kudos to you for this blog post!

Comment Posted By Krystal On 31.01.2009 @ 16:23


I have to disagree on the part about Obama's values are not going to hurt us...he values our being the same as Europe - to go along to get along - more of a one world type situation. I don't agree with that. He voted against legislation to save a child born alive during an abortion. I cant think of too many things more disgusting than that. His values lean towards socialism and mine do not. He has no regrets about working with and taking money from domestic terrorists. His poverty rabble rousing was a cover for profiteering. I do believe for me that his values are far from mine.

Comment Posted By Krystal On 14.09.2008 @ 12:16

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