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I very much agree: Like TV, the blogosphere is a technological development that holds the potential for revolutionizing the means by which we see the world. And like TV, 97% of its content may prove to be insipid trash if self-policing is not taken seriously. I personally find myself spending much more time reviewing blogs than the MSM but, as is illustrated above, if I come to the conclusion that bloggers are so self-absorbed by their own wit, rancor, or ideological venom that they lose all devotion to reason and prudent judgment, then I will simply stop reading blogs. It's the same reason I find MSM a waste of time: if I cannot trust the people who put forth the content, then I have no use for the content.

I don't mean to sound like Bill O'Reilly, but somebody should keep track of the sniping that occurs and make sure that irresponsible bloggers are known to be what they are and are not allowed to cloak themselves in respectibility.

Comment Posted By Kevin M On 1.04.2006 @ 22:18

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