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You all are missing a very huge point.

Like the Death of a sceptic. Ther rejoice at the passing.

That should go to show us non believers that us sceptics have an oven waiting for us.

Comment Posted By Kevin Kehoe On 22.11.2009 @ 03:37



I hate to say some one as eloquent as you is wrong, but you are.

IF things were reversed what would happen.
Oh I am sorry Catholics are already made fun of and murdered etc.

Our response is usually the judgement is up to god.

WIth Islam we are judged by his followers.

I am sorry but I prefer to be jugdged by God over how much damage is done to him rather than his followers. After all even they admit that it's hard to interpet Gods word.

We are already at war and we are losing. Bush not withstanding. I wish you could see it, but this is a plan by Islam that is why the additional cartoons were added and so many danish flags are popping up.

All the best.

Oh by the way all immigration should be banned. It's hilarious how Republicans say immigrants are doing the jobs no one wants.

There mere fact we sign a treaty to promote fair trade is a violation of the free market.
If we left the market alone the wages would rise to the right amount.

I won't factor abortion into it But imagine the potential of 50 million more American citizens working and having children.

I doubt there would be that much immigration and damage potential there is today.

People should all read the Declaration of Independence much more than they do.

Comment Posted By Kevin Kehoe On 5.02.2006 @ 20:25

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