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I agree with Rick.

You know, it is far less DANGEROUS to have to have an enemy outside the walls (Obama), than it is to have a traitor within the walls.

McCain is to the Left of Obama on the war. This "save Georgia", "save the Middle East", perpetual conflict and export of conflict has its roots in Bolshevism. Neocon ideology has its roots in Bolshevism.

"save Georgia" is the same thing as "save Tibet". Liberalism.

The only way to send the Neocons packing back to where they came from, is for them to be defeated at the ballot. McCain appear, to me, to be another neocon vessel, and they are quickly getting their hands on Palin's head.

Comment Posted By Kenny On 17.09.2008 @ 15:06


brooks isn't going to like it, but statistics also tell us that STD rates are higher for blacks than whites.

A simple google search can reveal these truths to deniers.,47941.asp

The second link also mentions higher suicide rates, which I forgot to mention. Note also how they "blame" the statistics on (guess?) heterosexuals and (booga, booga) their "discrimination".

People are really getting tired of this blame the hetero White male for everything nonsense.

Comment Posted By Kenny On 16.09.2008 @ 12:09


It is well documented that homosexuals suffer from depression, loneliness, and have far higher rates of STDs than do heterosexuals.

You may not want to acknowledge the facts, yet they exist. Rick, you have a propensity for not dealing 100% with the truth on many of you posts. I'd say you usually go about 75% of the way, but ultimately stop, based on fear? lack of guts?

I can't figure you neocons out, you are not that "right wing", you equivocate.

Comment Posted By Kenny On 16.09.2008 @ 00:06

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