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I just watched a news review from dateline on little Brooke Greenberg and began to look for more information on the syndrome she has as a medical curiosity and my insatiable desire to know more about this beautiful little girl and her family who has a strength and peace that I hope and pray for everyday.

As I have looked through several web sites trying to find more information on this beautiful little girl and her awesome parents one thing keeps coming to mind. Shame on all of you who think that this is a hoax and is something to laugh about. This girl was given to her family for a reason that only God knows but she was not given to be a source of speculation and amusement for all who wish to make jokes about her. You should all pray for her daily and pray that you are never in the same place she and her parents are as many of you don't have what it takes to deal with this sort of prediciment. I would love to find some medical information on this syndrome so if anyone has something intelligent and informative to tell about this young lady and her very rare condition please post that and quit with the speculations on whether it is a hoax or not

Comment Posted By K. Hale On 24.10.2005 @ 11:48

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