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Rick Moran: I don't have your gift for looking into the souls of men to glean what's in their heart.

Nonsense. You just absolved Limbaugh of racism, & to do that you had to presume to "look into their souls." You can't have it both ways: express an opinion about whether someone's a racist, & then, when someone disagrees w/ you, act like it's presumptuous for them to think they can know. Do you imagine your readers are too dim to remember that you just did exactly the same thing? That that's what the commenter is responding to? If you have to look into a person's soul to know he's a racist, then you have to look into his soul to know he's not one.

Seriously, the witlessness is breathtaking.

Comment Posted By K On 20.10.2009 @ 01:16


Brad. I really can't understand your postion. Your reply to me agreed that diplomacy had failed. Yet you seem to think the solution is more.

It didn't fail with Iran because the US negotiated with them - the UN and EU asked to lead on that. And they got nowhere.

Iran declared war upon the US when they took our embassy and held every American in the nation hostage. And you think we should send them aircraft parts for planes we sold before then? Iran never formally delivered their declaration of war and no substantial action ever followed.

The Clinton administration made the nuclear deals with North Korea. They broke them and Clinton complained but did little. When it finally became clear from N. Korea's own statements that they were not abiding by the agreements we finally stopped sending them aid. And you think that is why they behave as they do?

Finally you seem to think that we should not follow the letter of trade agreements but the spirit so that other nations will be happy. That is total nonsense.

Every other nation immediately runs to the arbitration board at the slightest chance of using legalities to help their trade. Are we to simply not show up and default?

My point is that diplomacy and endless talk has actually made things much worse, not better. Shrewd nations are using it to stall and not meet treaty obligations. I don't know what can improve things. But it will not be sending parts for warplanes to Iran or oil to North Korea.

And it will not be telling our trading partners that they need not follow the parts of treaties they do not like.

Comment Posted By K On 20.01.2006 @ 22:59

We should face facts. Diplomacy utterly failed with North Korea and Iran. It failed with both India and Pakistan, both developed nuclear weapons.

Japan, the US, and South Korea made deals supplying economic aid to North Korea through the 1990s. Clinton thought it was the way to go. It didn't work.

The EU and UN took the lead in negotiating with Iran in the last 3 years. While talks continued no sanctions were considered. The diplomats merely made it easier for Iran.

Perhaps we should conclude that some nations decide to develop nuclear weapons and have realized diplomacy actually helps them do so.

There are no good options now. It is best to beef up counter terrorist and intelligence services. That way we will at least know who/what to go after if a nuclear attack is made overtly or covertly.

Comment Posted By K On 19.01.2006 @ 17:10


Years ago a lawyer friend told me that in practice "life" meant unless you were paroled.

The law is full of words and outright falsehoods that the layman seldom notices.

e.g. Pardoned felons can say they have no convictions.
Birth certificates of adoptees say they are the natural children of those adopting them.
After your criminal records are expunged you can lie to your hearts content, and even sue anyone who tells the truth.

The rules vary by state. So I don't say all these things happen always or everywhere. But don't expect facts from legal or government documents. They only reflect what the law, often with good intentions, puts in them.

Comment Posted By K On 2.10.2005 @ 21:29

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