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Touche', Rick,

It is odd that the Kos Kids, Huffers, VoteVets, and MoveOn-er's constantly BRAGG about their numbers yet, there were not that many anti-war protesters. It's similar to Osama telling others to go blow-up themselves.

Thank you for removing the offensive language. I posted on another site about it being a sign of a small vocabulary.

Comment Posted By Juan, the Neo-Con On 16.09.2007 @ 15:19


A Conservative Union group filed a lawsuit against MoveOn and NYT alledging the involvement of soft money as reported by Fox News today.

Also, there is video of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olberman displaying "Will he Betray Us" in a caption back on August 16th.

Comment Posted By Juan, the Neo-Con On 15.09.2007 @ 13:36

"Salvation came in the form of the dumbest, the most spectacularly ignorant political maneuver in modern history."

Rick, you are RIGHT-on with the above, and we needed it. Pent-up anger has been building within the Republican Party for a long time, because of these supposedly Americans enabling our enemies with all of their terrible Propaganda.

Rudy entered the fray at the right time and right place.

Some Democrat (NOT Democratic) TV pundits are predicting this will be forgotten soon and go away, like a 48 hour story. NO WAY!!! This will be emblazened in our minds as much as we've never forgotten how they treated our Soldiers returning from Viet Nam.

Thank you for your Website and all you do.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Country Scorned!!!!

Comment Posted By Juan, the Neo-Con On 15.09.2007 @ 09:57


"maybe if i just chant “victory! victory!” (for Juan the NeoCon) we’ll find the pony."

Sorry, Dear -

It's too late for the Dems to pull their masks off. They did that back in January. Although we already knew how they were. Spinless cowards!!!

Comment Posted By Juan, the Neo-Con On 14.09.2007 @ 18:48

The left and cooky environmentalists (this constitutes the majority of the Democratic Party) who will not let us drill here and explore off the coast of Florida, etc. It's strange that China and Mexico are can.

Comment Posted By Juan, the Neo-Con On 14.09.2007 @ 12:09

It is telling that not one in the Democrat (and I emphasize Democrat, not Democratic) Party has said the word VICTORY. As for the Oil, would you really rather Iran have it? No huge pink elephant sitting in the room, just a Republican elephant. Thank Goodness!!!

Comment Posted By Juan, the Neo-Con On 14.09.2007 @ 11:23

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