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I gave up on this show about a month ago. Like Rick wrote in a previous post, the show has pretty much jumped the shark and from here on will likely continue to repeat itself.
A cool concept would be if '24' focused on a different story and different lead every season and the show expanded from being about CTU. For example next years storyline could be about an off duty NYPD cop caught in a hostage situation for 24 hours; the year after can be about a kidnap victim's ordeal and so on...
The two shows I watch now is LOST, now that it's good again, and HEROES which is getting better and better---hey, where else in primetive TV will a show do a take-off on the classic X-Men storyline, 'Days of Future Past'?

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 24.04.2007 @ 18:59


I think the NBA needs to fix some things with the game in order to draw a new generation of kids into the game. There are way too many teams in the league with rosters of mediocre players, the season is way too long, and hardly even seems to matter as bottom of the barrel teams that wouldn't have made it in the playoffs in years past are now in competition. Make regular season play mean something again by having something more at stake. Right now it's like baseball, where games don't really matter until sometime after the All Star Game. Cut down the games in the beginning rounds of the playoffs as well; best of 3's or 5's would be interesting.

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 21.04.2007 @ 14:34


Rick, you're kidding, right? You do know that the Bush Administration is presently searching for a War Czar, don't you? This is a brand new position that would increase the size of government. Hunh, go figure, eh?

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 16.04.2007 @ 00:00


Lisa is spot on; the most influential constituency that wants to keep current immigration policy and loves open borders is the large corporation-Wall Street crowd. They feel that illegal aliens and H1-B visa immigrants hold down wages and by extension, inflation. Don't believe me? Read the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal or listen to Larry Kudlow on CNBC.

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 6.04.2007 @ 12:36


I'm in agreement with everybody else here; the video has shown Ware not to be heckling anyone. It's making Drudge and Powerline look like asses. So now Ware's problem is his cynicism? Whaa...?

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 2.04.2007 @ 19:17


Rick, I do think you're being premature. Iran's action is hostile, and can even be considered an act of war; but as you've said yourself many times, a hot war with Iran can unleash hellish consequences.

I don't think GB loses anything (hopefully) by taking a measured tone publicly, while taking a harder line with the Iranians behind the scenes. It has still been barely a week since the incident; let's see what develops.

On some level though, I think that a military conflict pitting Iran against the U.S. and maybe the Great Britain is looking more inevitable, unfortunately, by the day.
Its effects (along with a quickly crumbling housing and investment market) could be a one-two punch that could knock the wind out of this country for quite a few years.
As an aside, I just read the cover story in this week's The Economist, not exactly a bastion of lefty-liberalism, and its forecast for the American economy in relation to housing and its effect on Wall Street is positively grim.

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 28.03.2007 @ 20:59


oops sorry, about the 'Devin'. I wrote the message in MS Word and part of a previous email to a buddy was left in.
Sorry, Rick.

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 20.02.2007 @ 21:49

Thanks Devin, I missed another of last night's episodes of 24. It's like getting behind in a college math course: once you miss 2 or 3 consecutive classes, you're cooked.
So I've just been following Heroes instead (great episode by the way last night, where one of the main characters pulled a Neo w/ a cool flying scene). NBC makes it easy to be a fan by streaming previous episodes on for free.

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 20.02.2007 @ 21:31


Rick, I hear ya on the fact that the Democrats' resolution isn't a profile in courage. What I can't understand is some of the conservative over-reaction to a non-binding resolution: a political position or stand with no action to back it up. Hey, they're professional politicians; I wasn't expecting all that much from them in the first place.
On the icy way home from work here on Long Island, I happened across the dial while looking for a weather report, on Sean Hannity's radio show. The guy was going off on a rant, for like ten to fifteen minutes about this non-binding resolution. Now, I don't usually listen to talk radio other than Opie and Anthony or ESPN radio, but either that's Hannity's usual schtick or he's really hot and bothered over this resolution. I don't see what the big deal is; it's politicians being politicians and grandstanding.

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 14.02.2007 @ 20:35


Football aside for a second, Rick how does one go about scoring a decent weekend gig like the one you've got? Is it like a part-time 7-Eleven job? I work a 40 hour a week day job, but I'm still looking for a 2nd job, something like what you do, to pay some bills.

Comment Posted By Johnny Tremaine On 6.02.2007 @ 20:16

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