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"How can you explain homosexuals with Darwin’s theory? Obviously, God wants them around."

If it's only partly genetic, or genetically recessive, it can continue easily. One copy of a certain gene gives you resistance to malaria, for instance--but two give you debilitating sickle cell anemia.

It could be similar. Or it could be an interaction of multiple genes on multiple chromosomes AND environmental factors, in which case teasing all the different effects apart takes more work that writing a few comments on a blog.

Comment Posted By JohnAnnArbor On 2.08.2005 @ 16:34

It would be far better if the history of science--just a touch of it--were taught. Like when plate tectonics is taught, you could talk about how it was considered ludicrous a century ago that the continents could move. And that thet thought they were as right as we think we are now.

The only point would be, sometimes scientific observation overturns the "accepted wisdom" of the time, either in small ways or large.

When I taught evolution, I had a few students say "what about Adam and Eve." All I did was point out that science is the realm of what people can observe from the world around them. It does not deal with religious questions directly, as it shouldn't.

Comment Posted By JohnAnnArbor On 2.08.2005 @ 16:16

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