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You said:

Kate Adamson still had a brain. Terri Schiavo does not. There is a big black hole where her brain used to be.

Kate Ademson had a localized hemmoragic stroke. Her brain eventually “rewired” itself. Terri Schiavo’s case is not even remotely similar in any aspect. Ms. Ademson’s brain was never completly deprived of oxygen

I ask you to back that up, and you tell me to read the GAL report (which I've read) and look at the Schiavo case testimony. Where does it mention anything about Kate Adamson?

You also said:

sorry if I dumbed down the language I use too far for you

Feel free to use big words.

Comment Posted By John from WuzzaDem On 23.03.2005 @ 19:02


I don't see you backing up any of your assertions with references.

Comment Posted By John from WuzzaDem On 22.03.2005 @ 21:08


I'm assuming you are a physician, since you use complex medical terminology like 'big black hole'. Can you enlighten us as to how you arrived at your diagnosis?

BTW, you should read the article more closely:

At age 33, Kate Adamson collapsed from a devastating and incapacitating stroke. She was utterly unresponsive and was diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state (PVS).

IOW, she was diagnosed exactly as Terri Schiavo has been. But according to this artcle in NRO:

David Gibbs, attorney for the Schindlers, submitted 33 affidavits from doctors and other medical professionals contending that Terri’s condition should be reevaluated. About 15 of these affidavits are from board-certified neurologists.

Almost 50 neurologists all say the same thing: Terri should be reevaluated, Terri should be reexamined, and there are grave doubts as to the accuracy of Terri’s diagnosis of PVS. All of these neurologists are board-certified; a number of them are fellows of the prestigious American Academy of Neurology; several are professors of neurology at major medical schools.

Comment Posted By John from WuzzaDem On 21.03.2005 @ 21:41

Excellent post. This is what irks me about people debating the question of whether or not there is any chance of Terri 'improving', or 'recovering'.

I guarantee no one with a mentally handicapped relative is asking that question. Terri is essentially a person who is now mentally handicapped as a result of a brain injury. There are thousands and thousands of people in this country who can't care for themselves, and they'll never 'improve', but they're not asking to die. Excuse me, I should say they're not asking to be starved to death.

BTW, Kate Adamson was misdiagnosed as being PVS. She actually endured abdominal surgery without being peoperly anesthetized, so she was able to feel the pain of having a scalpel slice into her skin. Later, when she was thought to be PVS, she had food and water withheld for 8 days.

She says the pain of starvation was worse than the pain of surgery.

Comment Posted By John from WuzzaDem On 21.03.2005 @ 14:27

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