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I'm impressed. I was against the war--not out of any love for Saddam Hussein, but because of my belief that we needed to concentrate on the decisive point, which to me was Al-Quaida, and I did not buy the claims of linkage. So I can't share your perspective entirely, but I do respect your integrity, guts and willingness to see the accumulating evidence that we have done a big thing badly, as it concerns our treatment of detainees.

Your commentators seem to think that equivalency to our enemies is all we need to achieve (reminds me of the military theory of replication--that both sides to a conflict come to resemble each other) and to extend equivalence to individuals as well--torture of detainees is ok, as many--or some--are terrorists and deserve punishment.

I won't belabor the point. Torture is inherently heinous. Torture of the innocent is especialy so.

We won't agree on a lot of issues, but we do agree that the U.S. is more than just the biggest kid on the block. We are the standard bearers of freedom. That doesn't mean we don't defend ourselves. But it does mean we have an obligation to not be savages.

I honor your commitment to that, and to the truth, wherever it leads.

Comment Posted By John Wirenius On 6.08.2005 @ 10:26

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