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There once was a little old lady at the funeral of an Atheist and when she walked by the open casket she sighed and said "all dressed up and nowhere to go" : (

Comment Posted By John Taylor On 27.12.2009 @ 11:14


Well, where to begin? Reagans tax cuts were to be employed with spending cuts that never happened because the Dem's controlled the house and the Senate. And if we spent money on defense at least we bought something with some value that payed huge dividends in the near future.
As for this recession being worse than the last? Are you kidding me? There are still hiring signs here and there, I see them all the time. I was just out of High Scool in 1981 and I remember being on a waiting list for a job at McDonalds! of all places for 2 months!!! You can go into McDonalds right now and get hired just about anywhere in this country. People still have a lot of diposable incomes, I have seen homeless drunken bums with cell phones, go figure just how bad it really is. I am not saying its not bad, because I am sinking too, but relatively, this is nothing.

Comment Posted By john Taylor On 20.11.2009 @ 09:57


#34 and 35 got to the point before me, You obviously don't know Rush's style. He will say things that can easily be taken out of context and prepare the coming attack for the judo move. I laugh when I hear Rush do these things, because I know what he is trying to accomplish. He will show with their own reactions the spirit that motivates the offended to over react. He knows where they will go and they always take the bait... because their desire to neutralize or discredit him exceeds their ability to listen to what he is really saying. He knows their template better than they do.

Comment Posted By John Taylor On 18.09.2009 @ 08:21


Hmm... as a vacuous, easily led talk show listener, I wonder why I still like reading you, Rick? Do you challenge my thinking? Usually, but you also strengthen my resolve.
Whenever I read a little into your thought processes I get the feeling if I were to misspell a word or use bad grammar you would check me off as another "idiot" or whatever term you would use to dismiss my concerns. President Obama is taking US down a bad road, agreed? He hasn't made himself "transparent", has he? He has misled the people he made promises to, to get elected. Frankly, I don't trust him as far as I could throw him.
I value all reasonable intelligent thinking. It doesn't have to come from university or any Ivy league. I am an Independent voter having tried Libertarians, Republicans, and way back, yes I may have even been a Democrat in my thinking, but Reagan changed my mind and I voted for the first time, for him, a man of ideas. Conservatives have lost our way, but I believe we can unite around opposition to Obama. Nothing personal, just opposition to the direction he is taking US. We need all of our best thinkers and forums, that includes Limbaugh, and Beck, Hewitt and Savage, Medved and Hannity, and YOU!
I don't completely agree with anybody about everything but we all have great ideas, even the Democrats. But we need to be honest and not petty and territorial, we can lose more than our jobs, more than our way of life, we can lose our whole country and maybe even our lives.

My beef with talk show hosts and many of their listeners is excessive ideology at the expense of independent thought. Of course Obama should be opposed for what he is trying to do. His agenda goes against every conservative principle we believe in and he should be strenuously, and vigorously opposed.

But you fight bad ideas with good ideas, not with the angry, puritanical, rigidity of thought one finds being spouted by Limbaugh, Hannity, et al. Many on the right believe my conservatism is suspect simply because I don't hate Obama enough, that not believing in birtherism, or not calling him a socialist or communist means that I am insufficiently committed to defeating his ideas. That's Tommy Rot. But it's what passes for conservative thinking by many who have proudly announced that unless you "feel" more than "think," your opposition, you are a RINO or a liberal.

I want to purge conservatism of the ideologues who judge a fellow by how deeply he believes something, not on the merit of his ideas. The former leads to a closing off of necessary debate and reflection - two elements that separate us from the lefty ideologues and are critical for reforming conservatism.


Comment Posted By John Taylor On 6.09.2009 @ 07:12

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